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Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on The CW
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Megan Smith, a recent graduate from Yale University unable to find success in the journalism field, accepts a job offer from Laurel Limoges - tutoring her two snobby, stuck-up billionaire twin granddaughters with the hopes of getting them into Duke University.

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  • Cute and cheery

    This show has been reaired a lot where I live... Watching pilot even for the 5th time is still fun. New things get noticed every time. Definitely well made, original, entertaining, pleasant to the eye, and most important thing - great soundtrack. To me it's what stands out and makes this show different (as I mostly listen being too busy to watch :), particularly first episodes. Oh, and Debi Mazar's appearance and lines are just incomparable!moreless
  • Pilot

    The Pilot episode of Privileged was superb and a great introduction to the characters, story lines and feel of Palm Beach. I really enjoyed watching this episode and meeting the quirky Megan Smith who goes from life with an uncertain future to working for one of the most powerful women in Palm Beach. The quality of the show, the realism of the actors, and writers all make this show fun to watch. I look forward to watching more episodes of this series!!!!!!!moreless
  • No matter what anyone says, one of the best pilots I've seen.

    I envy Megan. Sure, she doesn't have a great life, but people help her, she has ambitions and she has been rewarded for them. She can live in a giant house, get paid 1500 hundread a week, have an awesome car, eat fantastic meals, get to know the very best of social circles... Kind of like she was born in the Upper East Side... And all she has to do is be strict with a couple of underage girls.

    The girls were cool, I like Rose very much. I think Sage will cause some problems in the future. More than some. But Megan will put her in her place.

    I'm still confused if I want Megan to end up with Charlie or Will. They both are such great guys.

    A great episode, definitely worth watching.moreless
  • a new show with some potential

    the show follows Megan Smith as she tutors two spoiled rich sisters and attempts to get them each into Duke. In return she will live in the mansion for free and if she succeeds, the girls' grandmother will pay off Megan's college loans. this series had a good beginning, but not great. but it seems to have the potential to be great. Megan is chipper and can be kinda dorky, but she is likable and you can root for her. I am interested to find out about her family. then there are the two Baker girls, Rose and Sage. Rose is the younger sister and is actually friendly toward their tutor. she wants to go to Duke, but is afraid of hurting her sister if she doesn't do everything Sage does. Sage is a complete jerk to Megan and is overly protective of Rose. She feels Megan is taking Rose away from her and plans to make problems for our lead character. this show is a less gritty version of gossip girl, so if you like light-hearted dramas and couldn't get into gossip girl, you'll like this one. i say give this one a shot.moreless
  • Tabloid magazine reporter Megan Smith gets fired from her job in New York but is offered a "high-class" job in Palm Beach.

    The pilot episode: Megan Smith becomes a tutor to two spoiled trust fund girls. Their grandmother, who has sole custody of the girls, tells Megan that her ultimate goal is to get the girls into Duke University. Well things get off to a rocky start because the girls, Sage and Rose, want to do nothing but party and photo shoots. Megan has a hard time reeling them in, but eventually gets to them, or so she thinks. When Sage calls Megan and tells her she needs her at the photo shoot because it is an emergency, Megan rushes down there to find the girls in scantilly clad clothes and needing a guardian signature because the girls are underage. When Megan refuses to sign, Sage decides to turn the tables on Megan and tell her grandmother that Megan wasn't around to help her study when she wanted to. Megan gets fired by Laurel, the grandmother, but then goes off on Sage for being such a spoiled little girl. Laurel, after seeing this, decides that Megan can stay on as the tutor and even wrote up a contract to say she could not be fired for six months. At the end there is a grand ball held for all of Palm Beach's elite society, where we meet Megan's estranged sister. Megan and her do not get along and it is discovered that Sage invited her because she knew that it would tear Megan apart. A solid series premiere, will have to watch more episodes to see if it is worth watching!moreless

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: November 5, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Thailand: February 13, 2009 on True Series
      Sweden: June 14, 2009 on Kanal 5
      United Kingdom: July 19, 2009 on E4
      Philippines: August 7, 2009 on ETC
      Czech Republic: January 11, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: January 2, 2013 on Doma

    • Music Featured (in order when aired) :
      "Love Today" - Mika
      "Tres Tres Chic" - Mocean Worker
      "Intelligentactile 101" - Jesca Hoop
      "La La La" - The Bird and The Bee
      "Merry Happy" - Kate Nash
      "David" - Nellie McKay
      "Mr. Blue Sky" - Lily Allen
      "Slung-lo" - Erin McKeown
      "No One Knows" - Asa
      "Bang Bang Bang Bang" - Sohodolls
      "Everybody Ona Move" - Michael Franti and Spearhead
      "Breakable" - Ingrid Michaelson
      "I Don't Know A Thing" - Lucy Schwartz
      "Pony (It's OK)" - Erin McCarley
      "Digame" - Grupo Fiesta
      "Mua Mua Mua" - Raul Paz
      "Come As You Were" - The Bird and The Bee

    • The role of Laurel Limoges was originally played by actress Marsha Mason.

    • Canada's Citytv Network also airs the series as part of its 2008-2009 season lineup.


    • Megan said "With great power, comes great responsibility. Shout out to Uncle Ben".

      Uncle Ben is a character from the "Spider-Man" comics, who's best known for teaching that phrase to his nephew Peter Parker.