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  • Privileged was a great show with a fun story that gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of the mega wealthy of Palm Beach Society.


    Privileged was a great show with a fun story that gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of the mega wealthy of Palm Beach Society. There was plenty of drama, intrigue and humor. The actors and their characters were charming and fun to watch. The story lines were pretty well written and the over all production was great. The characters were built up and believable, the locations were beautiful, and it was fun to make believe for a bit. I enjoyed the series and wish there was more to see how the cliffhanger would have played out!!!!!

  • The more I watch, the more interesting it gets! I think that's really worth watching! Let's read something about episode 8 (:

    Episode 8.

    The twins(Sage and Rose)are having a great opportunity to work for Patricia Kingston- a well-known publicist. It could help them to gain more fame and popularity. But unfortunately, it's not so easy to deal with such a chance. Meanwhile they had a discussion, which turned into a quarrel.
    Later on,Charlie visits Megan... They're going to make up.
    But Megan has also some unpleasant experiences. She discovers surprising information about Laurel's past. However, she wants to deal with it... How will she solve it? And what will be the Loren's reaction? Is she going to fire Megan? Let's find out watching this ep.
  • Can't believe this show ended... : (

    So gutted that this show ended. I thought it was a very entertaining show and would have loved to see how the characters grew and matured through the seasons. I would have also like to see what happened with Megan and Will in their "will they wont they" relationship. I also loved Rose and Sage's relationship, I thought it showed how close they were as sisters and although they went through tough times together, they always stayed close and worked out their problems with each other. I think this show could have done very well and they should consider starting it up again!!
  • too bad it is over

    Over all the show was pointless... a bit of fluff... with that being said... It was the good kind of fluff that was cute and entertaining. It was worth watching. I am a bit disapointed that it isn't going to continue because I was really interested in what was going to happen next. Especially after her mother disapeared again and with the magazine and with the boy. It had the makings of some good fluff hours.

    hopefully something new will come so you can turn your head off instead of the stupid reality tv shows that infest our channels. I really don't get it. Why is there so much of it when it seems everyone is complaining about it?
  • A really cool show about twins(Rose and Sage), their grandma(Lorel), their tutor(Megan), her friend(Charlie), her sister(Lily), her dad, and her boyfriend (Will)

    One of my favorite shows on TV. There's always drama, make outs, gossip, mistakes, and whity comments. JoAnn Garcia, who plays main character Megan Smith is always extremely entertaining to watch (and she also happens to have great fashion sense) High school girls and pupils of Megan and Sage and Rose (I don't actually remember their real names) but they are just lovely too, they each have their own personality, and I'm so glad they're not identical twins because then it would be one of those shows that just follows the stupid lives of twins. Great show, bring it back of Hiatus!!!
  • It's pretty good!

    I have to admit...I was a bit reluctant to watch Privileged, but in the end I gave in because I love Joanna Garcia. I watched a few episodes in the beginning and thought it was the perfect mix of comedy and drama. It isn't too dramatic, not like those teen dramas you see today, but it doesn't focus too much on comedy either. It's like a light comedic drama, which I think is absolutely great, because you don't see many of those on television. Marcus is cool, he's pretty funny. And Megan is a likable character. I also like Rose. I won't insist on watching Privileged every week like I normally would with other shows, but if it's on and I'm not watching one of my favorite shows, I'll probably tune in to this one.
  • Privileged is a show that you don't see every day. The characters are funny, but they don't forget the drama. The storylines are fantastic and it is a perfect mix of a comedy and a drama. This show isn't fan's favorites but I hope it lasts long.

    I first wanted to watch this show because I wanted to put it in my TV show list. In the beginning I really didn't pay attention to the show but later on it came to be really interesting. I put it in my calendar and I hope that this show isn't one of those shows that lasted a season. The characters are really interesting and funny. The cast is a group of new faces which is a good thing. Megan is one of those girls you think is perfect but truly inside she has a lot going on and taking care of the twins isn't easy for her. I hope this one of a kind show survives for the second season and keep on making us laugh.
  • I love this show. Characters are great! The show is funny, along with a bit of drama.

    I hope it sticks around for a few seasons. Good story line and if you have not watched it, it's very easy to pick up on quickly. My Friends and I look forward to a new episode every week. Rose and Megan are my favorites. Since CW pulled Gilmore Girls (I still miss), they finally brought a show to the network that I love. I could never get into Gossip Girl… Please CW keep Privileged around! I know the season will be wrapping up soon so I'm excited to see how they'll wrap up some of the story lines if at all..
  • This is my favorite show!

    I have 3 daughters, ranging in age from 15 to 22 and we all LOVE this show! It is so cute and the characters are so funny. We watch this show every week. I hope they develop more episodes. In addition to be adorable, the show deals with issues and promotes ethical behavior and wise choices. Meg's character is so funny and her awkwardness and ecentricity makes her even more indearing. Additionally, she makes it really cool to be smart! I love the show. I watch it over & over again. The story lines are great I love watching the characters grow and mature.
  • I really didn't like this show at first but now it is growing on me.

    I saw the preview for the show and wanted to check it out cause I liked the main person, Megan, in other shows. I watched it and wasn't overly interested in it, but didn't hate it. Now that the season is coming closer to the end I think I like it a little more. I look forward to watching. It isn't my favorite and I don't think that it is going to ever be, but it cute and better that other shows during this time slot. I don't think that it is the best show on the WB network but it is better than a lot of their shows.
  • I hope it gets a second season!!

    At first glance, I assumed many people, including myself, thought this series was just one of "super rich girls do anything they want" stories. Fortunately, this is certainly not the case. There were actually motives and backgrounds to the characters which I thought was one of the most forgotten aspects on creating this type of series.

    It is true that this series is more close to Gilmore Girls than 90210 or Gossip Girl. I thought the dialog are witty and the characters are interesting, especially, Megan (played by JoAnna Garcia). She is quite wise for her age, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have any flaws, in particular regarding her relationship with her sister.

    Overall, I hope CW will pick up this series for a second season, just because the story potential are endless and the characters are interesting. And for those reasons, I think Privileged is one of the best new series this fall, after true blood ofcourse then 90210 and then fringe!
  • A nice show that deserves more attention

    I really love Gossip Girl so thought I would give Privileged a look. It really is not too bad. The characters are good, especially Megan, Rose, Sage, Laurel and Marco the chef. Megan's love interests are o.k. and the situations are quite fun. The setting is glamourous and the surprises keep me wanting to watch. I would be surprised if it lasts more than this season though but I will keep my fingers crossed. It is a nice show but may not get high enough ratings for the CW to take it into a second season. Having said that, I enjoy it and look forward to seeing what is in store for Megan next.
  • magen is a lovely young woman, who wishes to be a writter. but ends up working as a tutor in palm beach.

    this show defenitly has some glamorous potental. It has got comady factors aswell as some romance to pounder over. When you need some time to be yourself relax and need no thinking on your mind. this is a perfact show. it isn't complacated or hard to step into at a later moment. once you've mised one episode you can still pick up the main story. But some details might be lost on you then. but that is something you can over come. because it is easy to catch up again. also because anything of real value will be shown again at the beginning of the next episode. once you are hocked to this show it is not easy to let go.
  • What an awsome show!

    I stumbled upon it have fell in love. The characters are interesting, the story line is interesting, and its funny!! You really connect with the main character, Megan. The two kids that she teaches, Rose and Sage, are also unique and engaging. Another favorite character of mine is Marco, the gay chef. He always says the funniest things and really adds a nice touch to the whole show. Anyways I just have to say I am glad I have found this light- hearted, humorous show. I always look forward to it!! (tuesdays 9/8c)

    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
    i love privileged!iloveprviliged!
  • Give this show a shot!

    I am so glad I found this show! I don't receive the CW at my house, but, after reading about this show, I knew I had to watch an episode or two, so I found the first five online. I watched all of them in a row last night, I enjoyed them so much! JoAnna Garcia is great in this role, I could relate to her almost immediately. I love all of the characters, supporting or lead, they all fill their roles very well. The story lines are a bit exaggerated, but what TV show isn't? If you loved the Gilmore Girls, and think the glamour and glitz of Dirty Sexy Money and Gossip Girls rocks, you need to check this show out!
  • A basic idea with a different look upon it. Instead of just merely focusing on the rich snobs in a rich neighborhood, Privileged takes the view point of a staff member of the Rich.

    Privileged, I'm said to say, is a great television show. It may be another teen drama genre, but it has more depth to it then the others. It focuses on social life, but also personal life such as regular family and friend issues. The cast in the show are great, they provide good chemistry in their scenes. As of now I would have to say this is my favorite new fall show of the year. It actually makes me look forward to next week unlike many other new fall shows or teen dramas. I really hope it will make it.
  • Show about a young recent graduate from yale who was working for a newspaper company who gets a job as a tutor for these two rich girls one who wants to get into a good college the other who is a stuck up b****

    Ok show...could be better but could be worse there are other shows that show similar things the life of the rich stuck up and the life of the less fortunate as they try to blend there world to try and create a more balanced world but none that have ever done it in this way they pick some good actors and actresses go to see the actress who plays Megan in a more intelligent role instead of seeing her as the blond pregnant teenager from Reba great casting ok show and the episodes keep getting better so hopefully it will lead to something that is more attracting for more people.
  • Well, what can I say to a show that follows 90210... A favorite from Reba with Anne Archer... One of my new favorite shows this season.

    The start of a new TV season and I have already found a favorite of mine. Well, I had barely any hope for this show at first sight. But, once I had realized that the main character was from Reba and the "boss" is played by the wonderful Anne Archer; I can't help but say I was entranced. So far, three episodes in and I am still watching. Good humor, fairly well-created characters, and slow but gradual development in plot and characters. The setting is quite with the "in" and I do enjoy Palm Beach as the background. Not sure how long this show will last; but, I would love to see this go on.
  • Recent Yale grad and writer Megan tutors twins Sage and Rose Baker in Palm Beach. In return, their wealthy grandmother Laurel offers to pay off Megan's college loans, currently in excess of $75,000, should she be able to get BOTH daughters into Duke.

    A gem of a new show that knows good writing and relatable characters trump snarky one-liners and the latest trendy bro-cut any day of the week. The show follows the Baker twins - one smart but devious, one less smart but well meaning - who have been placed in the care of their grandmother after a tragedy takes the lives of both of their parents, and their new tutor Megan. Megan is a recent Yale grad. with a great personality, so-so looks (for TV or the CW at least), loads of college debt, a bad dye job, and no place to live. She takes a job tutoring the twins and in return, their Grandma will pay off all of her college debt in addition to a normal paycheck, food, board, and a car for the next four years PROVIDED the two get into Duke at the end of the process.

    I loved this show, but I do wonder what will happen after four years should the girls be admitted to Yale. Perennial favorite "Gilmore Girls" worked this out after three seasons, but how will this one do? Maybe this is a question too far, far, away to worry about but hey, I love my TV and a series is a commitment - sometimes a long-term one - so I worry, I worry.
  • Nice, but not nice enough to last

    Don't get me wrong - Privileged is nice. But that's all. Nice, but not nice enough to last in the lion cage in my opinion...

    It need fine tuning, it needs to be more attractive, because right now it's average. I can't put my finger exactly on what's bothering me, but I just know there's something missing there.

    Maybe because the TV todays is swamped with attention - seeking shows, with the slimmest of girls, the most handsome boys and utterly outrageous plots...

    I like it, I do, but I feel like I missed a step on the way... The main character is charming and hyper, the twins are *cough* adorable... and the grandmother is... well... undefinable... knows what she wants maybe :)
  • Megan is trying to get to know and gain the trust of the twins Rose and Sage. Rose accepts Megan, but Sage has a harder time trusting her.

    The first episode to this show really kept my attention and I plan on watching it again on Tuesday, 9/16. I like the storyline and the characters and I found the show to be interesting and entertaining, yet somewhat serious. The twins seem very different, yet very close and this will probably be a problem for Megan.
    I really like Joanna Garcia and am glad to see her playing this role. This has been my favorite new show this season, besides Dirty Sexy Money and I hope that it stays on the air. I can't wait for tomorrow night, so I can watch episode 2 of Privileged.
  • Funny. Cute. Interesting. Entertaining.

    The pilot was great! Joanna Garcia is such a great actress. She was so funny on the television show Reba. Lucy Kate Hale who plays Rose on the show and played Jaime Sommers younger sister on Bionic Woman was pretty good, too. The show has a pretty good cast and was very funny and definitely worth watching again! The guy who played Zach on The O.C. also stars on the show as Megan's long time friend and possible love interest. I will definitely be tuning in Tuesday to see the next new episode! The show has a good and original plot!
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