Problem Child

Season 2 Episode 2

Problem Child 2

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Jul 03, 1991 on USA
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Problem Child 2
Junior's back in his first adventure since his last! Junior and Ben move to Mortville which seems like the perfect town to live in. The Healys have a nice new house--and Junior get's a cool new room! And young women have formed a line at Ben's door in order to get a piece of him (romantically). Ben does feel he should get remarried so Junior can have a mom, so while Junior adjusts to his new school which includes a little girl who's as bratty as Junior and a teenage brain-dead ignoramous bully in Junior's sixth grade class, Ben finds some dates, which Junior sends running for the hills, in the meantime Junior pulls his infamous tricks on people: blowing up barbecues, taping the bully to the chalkboard, videotaping his babysitter and her boyfriend having sex and broadcasting it for the whole neighborhood to see, same old same old. Meanwhile, Ben meets the gorgeous school nurse (after the school's satellite dish get's pushed on his head) and they, well he, believes it's love at first site, until he meets LaWanda Dumore, a greedy business women who wants to marry Ben and send Junior to boarding school--in Baghdad! So Junior and his new friend, Trixie, must get rid of LaWanda (any way possible!) to bring their parents together!moreless

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    Nancy Cartwright

    Nancy Cartwright

    Betsy / Ross (voice)

    John Kassir

    John Kassir

    Yoji / Murph (voice)

    Cree Summer

    Cree Summer

    Spencer (voice)

    E. G. Daily

    E. G. Daily

    Cyndi (voice)

    Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris

    Ben Healy (voice)

    Iona Morris

    Iona Morris

    Miss Hill (voice)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • Continuity: On Junior's first day of school he walks into school empty-handed but from the hallway on he has a bagged lunch.

      • Revealing mistakes: When everybody on the Crazy Dance vomits, it is obvious that the liquid is not issuing from the people's mouths but from a point behind them.

      • Continuity: When Junior, Trixie, and their parents get their picture taken at the pizza parlor, everyone smiles except for Trixie. Later, when Ben takes a look at the picture, Trixie is smiling.

      • Continuity: When Lawanda approaches the meteorite, she holds her left arm to stop it. In the next shot it's her right arm, then back to her left.

      • Revealing mistakes: After Trixie is shown close up driving a bulldozer during the wedding scene, a wide shot shows that an adult is driving instead.

      • Factual errors: When Junior sets the Crazy Dance on the highest speed, there is ample evidence that the Crazy Dance's rotational speed has increased while the centrifugal force has decreased. This is a physical impossibility.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • [seeing his made-over bedroom]
        Junior: Clowns! I hate clowns! This woman is busting my balls!

      • [Trixie just tied up the players for the puppet show and continues it herself]
        Trixie: [as Uncle Sam] Sorry about the delay folks, but we are having technical difficulties.
        [as Baldy]
        Trixie: Yeah I had to scratch my balls!

      • [After Junior shows the town a video of his babysitter and her boyfriend having sex]
        Ben Healy: Junior, we're new here! Can't we at least attempt to fit in?
        Junior Healy: What are you getting onto me for? I didn't do anything. I just watched it.
        Ben Healy: Yes, and so did the entire neighborhood.
        Junior Healy: I didn't hear any complaints.

      • [Junior is about to draw a mustache on a photo of Annie]
        Trixie: I wouldn't do that if I were you!
        Junior: If I were you I wouldn't do alot of things, like go out in public.

      • Trixie: You're gonna wish you'd never been born.
        Junior: Ooh! I'm really scared. I'm being threatened by the Tidy Bowl girl!

      • Ben Healy: Junior, 3rd grade is the foundation of a great education. If you don't go, you'll only hurt yourself.
        Junior Healy: I'm sure I'll take a few others down with me.

      • Mr. Peabody: I'll have to call you back. I gotta deal with one of the little weenies right now.
        [Hangs up phone and then talks through intercom]
        Mr. Peabody: Send the little sweetheart in.

      • Lawanda Dumore: Listen here you little monster! I am gonna marry your daddy. And then you'll be on the next plane to boarding school. In Baghdad!

      • Murph: You don't know who you're talking to. I'm a senior student at this school.
        Junior: No shit, you've been here since 1970.

      • Ben Healy: Junior, you remember Ms. Klaukinski.
        Junior: How could I forget? Her pie gave us the runs.

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