Producers' Showcase - Season 1

NBC (ended 1957)


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Episode Guide

  • The Fourposter
    The Fourposter
    Episode 13
    A gently humorous and perceptive story of a marriage, from the wedding night in 1890, through 35 years of marriage, all in or near the couple's old four-poster bed, which finally has to be left behind as being too large for their retirement apartment.
  • Wide Wide World
    Wide Wide World
    Episode 12
    ("That's My Desire") backed up by the Woody Herman orchestra (with Woody singing)and Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton, featuring Bobby Hackett on trumpet ("My Funny Valentine"); jam session of "When The Saints Go Marchin' In;" Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Ontario, featuring Lorne Greene in "Julius Caesar," with backstage segments with Director Michael Langham and Artistic Director Tyrone Guthrie; Cantinflas, performing his famous "bullfighter" act from Tiajuana Mexico; various scenes in New York City, Chicago, Des Moines, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington D.C., Mount Hood; the RCA commercial features Vaughn Monroe and Milton Berle.moreless
  • The Petrified Forest
    Set in Black Mesa Bar-B-Q at desert crosswords, as a patrons, owner and his daughter Gaby Maple and an unfortunate hitchhiker Alan Squier are held hostage by fleeing killer Duke Mantee and his henchmen, with Squier signing over his life insurance policy to Gaby to fund her dream of traveling to France to paint, and then persuading Mantee to kill him .moreless
  • Darkness at Noon
    Darkness at Noon
    Episode 10
    Set in Russian prison during purge trials of 1930s, with prisoner Rubashov, an old Bolshevik, reviewing his life in series of flashbacks and tapped conversations with prisoner in adjoining cell.
  • The King and Mrs. Candle
    The deposed king of Brandovia, whose inhabitants spend their time exporting bologna and repelling invasions by neighboring Carps and Gloats, finds his way to America, where he earns a living as a dancing instructor, pursued by his former royal fiancee who still has the valuable pearls he gave her, with the king marrying commoner Mrs. Candle and returning with her to his now peaceful kingdom.moreless
  • Reunion in Vienna
    Reunion in Vienna
    Episode 8
    The story of a banished Austrian archduke who returns to Vienna for a reunion of the old nobility and reunites with his former love, now married to a psychoanalyst.
  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan
    Episode 7
    Recreated from the 1954 Broadway musical, the cast brought their show to television. The story of Peter Pan from Neverland a place where children never grow up. He falls for young Wendy and takes her to his world on an adventure that they will never forget.
  • The Women
    The Women
    Episode 6
    A sociological satire on the female of the species, set against a glamorous Park Avenue background that eventually extends to Reno and back, in which a happily married society leader is prodded by the gossip of her "best friends" to divorce her husband.
  • Yellow Jack
    Yellow Jack
    Episode 5
    The story of the pursuit of the cause of yellow fever by Dr. Walter Reed and his Army medical colleagues after the Spanish-American War.
  • Call to Freedom
    Call to Freedom
    Episode 4
    Docummentary made as part of "Project Twenty" series but run in Producer's Showcase time slot with regular Producer's Showcase sponsors. Relates the struggle for freedom in Austria from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to WWI, to Nazi domination, to WWII, to post-war Four Power Occupation, to final freedom, keyed to the reopening of the rebuilt Vienna State Opera House in November, 1955 with the performance of Beetovan's opera "Fidelio." Produced by Henry Salomon, music scored and conducted by Robert Russell Bennett, narrated by Alexander Scourby; opera cast includes Martha Moedl, Anton Dermota, Paul Schoeffler, Irmgard Seefried, Ludwig Weber, Waldemar Kmentt, Karl Kamann, with Karl Bohm conducting the Vienna Philharmonic.moreless
  • Dateline
    Episode 3
    "Foreign correspondents and stars of show business present a 90-minute tribute to former colleagues. The Overseas Press Club Memorial Building in Manhattan is dedicated with a program saluting the men who have died serving the cause of a free press. Funds for the building were donated by organizations and individuals. Tonight's show was been arranged by Overseas Press Club members. John Daly will represent them as host. Bob Hope, who toured the world entertaining American troops, is featured in a scene depicting his overseas stints. Robert E. Sherwood, noted American playwright, contributes a dramatic vignette based on a scene of decision in the life of the great war correspondent, Ernie Pyle. Title: The making of an American correspondent. Richard Rodgers, the composer, conducts the orchestra in excerpts from Victory at sea, his score for the award-winning film series. No other love, drawn from a melody in this score, is sung by Perry Como. Sid Caesar, accompanied by thick accent, is the guest celebrity, just returned from Europe, on an extraordinary session of Meet the press. Carl Reiner, Sid's regular sidekick, presides as moderator, and sharp-tongued reporter Lawrence Spivak holds his customary chair on the panel. Milton Caniff has designed a comedy ballet based on his popular comic strip, Steve Canyon. In this thrilling episode, Steve tries to rescue Summer Smith from foreign forces. He falls into the clutches of the gorgeous but evil Copper Calhoon. Tony Charmoli, who creates the dances on Hit parade, has also choreographed this. Eddie Fisher, in Hollywood, addresses his brother, Alvin, in New York. Alvin is recently back from Korea, and Eddie brings him up to date on the songs he's missed with a medley of hits. Count your blessings, the presidential request number, is also sung by Eddie. Perry Como, accompanied by the Ray Charles Singers and the Mitch Ayres Orchestra, sing his current hit, Home for the holidays. Martha Raye is also scheduled to sing a number or two. Marian Anderson famed contralto, offers a spiritual. Carl Sandburg poet and biographer, dedicates the Memorial Building. Reporters: H.V. Kaltenborn, Bob Considine, Quentine Reynolds, Margaret Bourke-White and Hal Boyle will be among those to appear".moreless
  • State of the Union
    State of the Union
    Episode 2
    An extremely successful and fundamentally honest businessman is lured into presidential ambitions, and is forced to make compromise after compromise until he withdraws from the race, determined to reform the system.
  • Tonight at 8:30
    Tonight at 8:30
    Episode 1
    Three playlets by Noel Coward, original music composed and conducted by Carmen Dragon: "Red Peppers," a satirical affectionate look at small-time vaudeville with two musical numbers, "Still Life," in which couple "see a stranger across a crowded room" and which was eventually made into a movie titled "Brief Encounter," and "Shadow Play," musical about a crisis in an otherwise happy marriage, and in her television debut, Gloria Vanderbilt.moreless