Season 3 Episode 9

All in the Family

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Fueled by the abuse they suffered as children, a brother and sister decide to save another child from the same unfortunate fate. To do this, however, the warped siblings kill the boy's parents as well as two of their employees. The VCTF investigate the mass murder and Sam immediately bonds with the abused boy. The parent has mob ties, so it is immediately assumed that their murder resulted from their illegal activities. Though skeptical of this scenario, Sam does not dispute it for that would result in the boy being held by the system until the murder is solved. Instead, the boy is immediately released to his uncle's custody. As the team investigates the crime further, they realize the boy's social worker, as well as his supposed 'uncle', are actually the brother-sister duo. Sam profiles the tow want to become surrogate parent for the boy and provide him with the idealized 'home' they never had. She further theorizes the boy must be found fast, before the disturbed couple realize parenting is much harder than they imagined. B-Story- Sam's estranged father returns and the two try to heal their strained relationship.