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Season 1 &2 vs. Season 3

Which did you prefere: Season 1 & 2 or Season 3?

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    [1]Sep 7, 2006
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    So I've finally got my hands on all four season DVDs.  It's been a long time I've been collecting them.  I watched the series while I was in college.  That was Six plus years ago.  Then I never saw got I'd forgotten many of the things that had happened.  I've watched season 1 and 2 already and I'm into season 3 and it just struck me how much the show really changed between two seasons. 

    I much prefer season 1 and 2.  Season 3 lost a bit of it's edge.  I feel the characters which had been so strong the first two seasons started to go down hill...the writers started doing weird things to them...and out of character type stuff too.  The first two episodes of season 3 Sam is so different...I know killing someone can have an affect on a person, but it was almost a complet 180 turn.

    I understand why Ally Walker left after 3 seasons...I remember being crushed at the time...but it isn't now till I finally got to go back and rewatch old eps that I realized (as I read/heard somewhere) that she was right...the writing and story telling did start to go down hill.

    That said I still loved the series.
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    Call me crazy, but I prefer the later episodes of Profiler, especially Season 3. The cases seem more grounded in reality, and having "Jack" out of the picture allows for some stronger individual stories and character development. Season 2 was all Jack, all the time, and he wore out his welcome in my opinion. Season 3 saw Sam veering more into psychic territory, but if you think about it the show had been heading there since Day 1. This show was never very clear about Sam's "gift" and some of her flashes were very psychic in nature. Millennium and Criminal Minds have done a much better job of explaining how a profiler works and analyzes the case.

    The supporting players really get a chance to shine this season. I think Profiler had the most underused and most talented ensemble in recent years. The show just seems more adult in this season than it had in Season 2, which to me was more melodramatic than it should have been.

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    I like them all. I think the third season is good to see what happens after life without Sam begins. I like the show overall. I think it does show a bit of what goes on behind the scenes of profiling. Ally Walker is great in this and is a great actress no one talks about it and it's too bad she doesn't get more roles.
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    [4]Jun 11, 2007
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    I hate season 3, the show was never one of my favorites, but I really did enjoy season one and two becuase of the idea of Jack. It kept the story going for me, when they caught Jack changed the format of the show, it just turned to crap, like everyone other show on TV now...

    That is just me, and my opinion, nothing else.

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    [5]Jul 8, 2007
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    Well i have to say i  probably like season 1&2 the best having jack around hightened it a gave another angle to the show and i did see a drastic turn when season three came. Jack for the most part was not an issue and even though he was still out there i felt is the show lost something but for me the real disappointment in the show came in season four when ally walker left and was replaced with jamie luner. The show seemed to take a drastic fall and i think mostly the audience had a hard time connecting with jamie's interpretation of the profiler she came off very hard and not likable.I think i saw a couple of episodes and i stopped watching. Sam's character had a very likable aspect that drew the audience in to her which her  predicessor didn't most fans got bored and tuned out. The show even tryed bring on micheal t.weizz (jarod-pretender) with the hopes he could bring the fans back but it didn't work. It is my opinion now watching the final season that the casting is to blame even though it is extremly difficult for a new actor to step into the foot steps of a beloved character it is possiable but they would have needed someone as likeable as the sam character which they failed misrably
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    [6]Aug 3, 2010
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    Wow, I can't believe I had totally forgotten this series, I guess because it's not playing anywhere in reruns. (Why not?! It deserves it!) It's been ten years since the show ended, and in my memory this series holds up. I loved the entire cast, and unlike most reviewers, as much as I loved Sam,I appreciated Rachel.

    John Grant was my favorite. Before Julian McMahon made it big on 'Charmed' and then on 'Nip & Tuck,' he was wonderful in this role. When Cooper joined the show as Sam's love interest, it didn't really subtract from John's presence; it added an interesting tension and partnership.

    While the whole 'psychic' thing was a bit sci fi, the tone and action was kept realistic. I think this juxtaposition between fiction and reality is what made the show sing.

    Overall it was a good one! And funny for me that this was the genre for thefirst fanfic I everposted on line and the first Yahoo group I ever created!

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