Season 1 Episode 7

Night Dreams

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

The VCTF race the clock to track a serial kidnapper who curiously abducts a wide range of women; victims include college students to senior citizen. Based on his ritualistic clues, Sam deduces that they have only hours before the victims are executed. Their investigation leads them to Bill Waverly a petty criminal, turned murdered.

The VCTF track down the vehicle they suspect was used in the kidnappings, Agent Grant finds a body in the back of the van, he informs the team it is not the suspect. The sound of gun fire is heard and then we see John has been shot. The investigation cools off until Sam gets an unlikely break when Nathan finds a stripper who survived an attempted kidnapping and John returns to work.

Sam has been puzzled as to the connection between victims, until she realizes he is after the perfect women. He is hunting down "parts" of a woman – the child, young women, sexual women, mother and old crone.

With 5 hours until the dead line the team must race the clock to find the psychotic kidnapper and his victims before it's too late. They track him down to his foster mother's home where they find Bill about to kill his victims. The VCTF took control of the situation, freeing the kidnap victims and taking Waverly into custody.

Meanwhile Sam is troubled about Jack's previous attempt and how much he knows about her and her life. She is troubled by Chloe's frequent nightmares.