Season 1 Episode 7

Night Dreams

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 1996 on NBC

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  • 3 of 5 serrated blades

    Overall, not a bad episode but the denouement could not live up to the promise of the set up. Throughout, I had a sense of dread about the killer – even as Sam unraveled what he was doing – collecting a woman representative of each phase of a woman’s life- the sense of dread continued. The kidnappings themselves were powerful – dominated by the icon of the jaguar and the visible trappings of religion – lots of candles, chanting, prayerfulness, even reverence expressed by the kidnapper for his victims. The killers hands – in red surgical type gloves – are wonderfully creepy in the first scene – a sensation that continues throughout episode until . . . well until the final scene. I felt there dissonance between the build up and the resolution. The set itself evoked the feeling of a candlelit cathedral. But, the kidnapper who so carefully created his kidnap scenes, who took time to paint jaguars on the walls, to leave notes wrapped straw just wasn’t present in this scene – had he been present it would have lifted this episode to 4 of 5.

    This episode spends too much time worrying about Jack of all trades. This story arc and this episode left me frustrated again. Jack is draining energy and creativity from the weekly plots and isn’t returning enough in terms of dramatic tension to be justified.

    The final scene where Bailey promises to take alzheimer’s patient to the carousel is a powerful bit of human insight – capturing the way in which alzheimer’s robs us of ourselves.

    This episode feels to me like the pilot in some ways – more about the promise of what the show could be than a fully realized episode of its own. Seven episodes into the season, Profiler is still finding its footing creatively – trying to serve successful stand alone stories while developing a story arc but not handling either task particularly well.