Season 2 Episode 4

Second Best

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 1997 on NBC

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  • good episode undone by its final act

    Second Best is - ironically - the second best episode thus far this season. The a-story involves the VCTF going after a bomber. Of course they bring Coop in to work with the bombs.

    Story wise, there's nothing ground breaking here but it's competently handled. It turns out that the victims and the bomber have a history, as do Coop and the bomber. After some smart searching they realize who it is - the heir to fireworks company - track him down. The bombers motives were a bit obscure - after a car accident he had developed severe paranoia and delusions. He saw himself - as a bombmaker - in competition with Coop as someone who defused bombs. In another episode in which Sam proves insightful about the villain, the bomb's are defused, the villain captured. Up to the final act, it's a competent enough episode - the creative team really put their best foot forward. The final act involves Jack and Jill posing as emergency workers, stealing an ambulance and killing coop. Ally Walkers gets a long scene in which to cry and weep and cradle his dead body. Of course Jack and Jill get away and leave no evidence. The result is an episode that should have ended emotionally distant, even a bit coldly, ends on a note of overwraught melodrama.
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