Season 1 Episode 14

Shadow of Angels, Part I (a.k.a. Noblesse Oblige)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

In this 2-hour episode, Dr. Sam Waters and the VCTF team investigate a series of bizarre murders where the victims are killed with silver coins. The first victim is Sergei Mardigian is crushed with coins and the second victim US Senator Fitzgerald was choked with the coins.

Sam theorizes both victims misused money. Mardigian used it to indulge himself with everything, and Fitzgerald debased it by gouging the poor in rent.

Coop is on "loan" from the ATF, we learn that Fitzgerald was the chairman of the senate anti-terrorism committee. He ATF have sent Coop to make sure the Senator wasn't a target of any kind of terrorism.

Their investigation leads them to Charles Vanderhorn (the Senator's Uncle) a powerful billionaire heading a well-connected aristocratic family.

The team learn that the victims are connected through Vanderhorn some how. Sam also suggests that Vanderhorn knows the killers.

As the VCTF learns that the tightly knit killers are on a unified mission to punish the corrupt and over extravagant.

Elsewhere the team faces a more primary case in their pursuit of the serial slayer Jack of All Trades; he is now on the run from the VTCF. They find various valuable clues in Jacks lair. A rag doll named "Suzie" yields the most valuable clue, a diamond with an ID number. They find out the diamond was registered to a Willa Sutter, the ex girlfriend of serial killer Dr. Austin Keller. Both Jack and Dr Keller gained their medical degrees from Savannah Medical College, Jack in 197 … something and Dr Keller in 1979. The two men look similar. The team must find out if they are the same person.

Their investigation leads the team to a Costa Rica, where Austin Keller aka Jack is hiding out. The helicopter lands. armed agents in khaki followed by the VCTF agents including Bailey, John, Sam and Coop work their way to the compound. Screen fades ……… to be continued.