Season 1 Episode 14

Shadow of Angels, Part I (a.k.a. Noblesse Oblige)

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 1997 on NBC

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  • Part one is compelling, interesting.

    When I first reviewed Shadow of Angels, I made the mistake of reviewing the two parts together. At long last, there's seem to be some real movement on the Jack story - they've apparently unraveled his identity and given him a name. The skeleton in the hospital being a victim of a serial killer is a nicely gruesome touch. There's some light at the end of tunnel on the endless Jack story.

    The a-story involves two rather grim killings - one a man literally crushed by thousands of pounds of coins and another man force fed coins until his stomach burst and he died. They end up looking at a wealthy man who was connected to both victims and who, Sam surmises, knows the killers.

    The problem with part one of a two parter is that we get lots of setup but we're not sure where it's going. Shadow of Angels is a nicely grim episode where we get the sense that the pieces are being moved into place. In terms of story, it's complex enough to carry the hour without being so hopelessly byzantine we can't keep track.

    The best laugh of the show came from Julian McMahon's John - where McMahon faked an Irish accent and made a big fool of himself supposedly drunkenly chasing a woman.