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  • Season 1
    • Forgiveness
      Episode 9
      As Profit comes closer to the goal of getting his "family", he finds that he has to take great effort to hold that family together. "THe family is more important than me, it's more important than Pete... it's even more important than you, Chaz." In this episode, Profit works his devious magic weaving his web around the Gracens that cause them to come closer than they have ever been before. To do it, he has to reveal Pete's plans for a hostile takeover of the company with his Uncle, reveal the Uncle's molestation of Pete's wife to Pete and also get him out of the way completely. All in a day's work. Simultaneously, it seems Joanne and Sykes are getting closer to exposing Profit, discovering that there actually was a real Jim Profit who traveled and disappeared in Ireland. Did Jimmy-boy do away with the blatherskite and take his identity as his own? Joanne crosses the ol' briney to find information on the original and discovers that he may actually still be alive. Of course, we'll never know where this goes, will we... Network execs just couldn't see the potential of a show that still works and grabs, almost 10 years after it's debut.moreless
    • Security
      Episode 8
      Profit is having an affair with the newest G&G security team addition - Kelly Hunt. But Ms. Hunt is in reality a muckraking reporter looking for dirt on G&G.
    • Chinese Box
      Chinese Box
      Episode 7
      Jim Profit needs something from Dr. Batewell, a man who was fired for harassing Gail. Profit asks Gail to approach Batewell. Meanwhile, Mrs. Charles Gracen goes to a women's writing retreat, where she falls for Eleanor (aka Bobbi Stokowski).
    • Cupid
      Episode 6
      Gracen & Gracen wants to acquire a business owned by a separated couple. Sykes represents him, while Profit represents her. Profit sees a way to manipulate the situation to get rid of Sykes. Meanwhile, Bobbi makes a play for Charles Gracen.
    • Healing
      Episode 5
      Joanne and Profit's rivalry is continuing and comes to a head when Chaz, the CEO, announces that they will both take a lie detector test. Profit messes with Joanne's mind by blackmailing her psychiatrist.
    • Sykes
      Episode 4
      A new lawyer named Jeffrey Sykes is hired by Gracen & Gracen, but Sykes's secret agenda is to take down a local mobster, rather than to spend his time helping the company. Profit is caught in the middle of the fight.
    • Hero
      Episode 3
      Jack Walters and Joanna Meltzer travel to Oklahoma and visit former Sheriff Crew in an effort to learn more about Profit's past and dig up information to use against him. In an effort to keep this secret, they lie about the fact that they are going to Denver for G&G business, but Jack's wife learns the truth and believes Jack and Joanna are having an affair. Profit sets up a con of his own in order to throw suspicion on himself suggesting that he may have actually murdered Wayne Gresham to take over his position at G&G. This sets up the downfall of one of the stars.moreless
    • Pilot (2)
      Pilot (2)
      Episode 2
      The scandal with the unethical baby food continues, and Profit decides to get rid of his boss Jack Walters.
    • Pilot (1)
      Pilot (1)
      Episode 1
      Gracen and Gracen find themselves in hot water over an unethical decision regarding the baby food that is produced by one of their subsidiary companies; Baby's Finest. Information was leaked from within the company and this leaves the company investigator wondering whether the timing of Jim Profit's arrival on the executive team of G&G is a coincidence, or whether the leak could be part of a sly plan from the mind of Jim Profit in order to expedite his progress through the ranks of upper-management at the company.moreless