Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1996 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • We learn in this episode that Gracen & Gracen is the 15th largest corporation in the world, has an acquisition base of $14.8 billion and bought Baby's Finest for $82 million (costing Chaz $8 million of his personal funds).

    • Bobbi, aka Roberta Monroe Stokowski is 37 years old in the pilot. She became Profit's stepmother when he was 8 years old and has a record of drug possession.

  • Quotes

    • Joanna: There are ways to undelete files, Jack.
      Jack: Don't you need a search warrant for something like that?
      Joanna: (grinning) I forgot how old fashioned you are. It's refreshing.

    • Jack: Say, what does your shrink say about this insomnia?
      Joanna: He says don't talk to your ex-lovers about your sleeping habits.
      Jack: Mmm, good shrink, what does he charge?
      Joanna: (dismayed) A lot.

    • (Profit holds up a needle found in Bobbi's jewelry box & looks questioningly at Bobbi)
      Bobbi: I'm a diabetic.
      Profit: Really? Then you shouldn't shoot heroin.

    • (Speaking about Gail's embezzlement of money from every 3rd, 7th and 9th investment)
      Profit: 3,7,9, that was the key. They your lucky numbers?
      Gail: (terse) Used to be.

    • Jack Walters: Three months too late, but I'm sorry.
      Joanna Metzler: For what? For having a wife that ran off on you, or for taking her back after you slept with me?
      Jack Walters: Therapy's going pretty well, I see.

    • Joanna: Let's start with whoever could have gotten into the access prohibited files.
      Jack: Well, there's Pete & Mary. Pete's too dumb to think up something like this and Mary's too good a person.
      Joanna:You think?
      Jack: nodding Married to her job, company nun.
      Joanna: I arrested a nun once. She killed a priest.
      Jack: Why?
      Joanna: He dumped her for a choirboy. Nobody's perfect, Jack.

    • Bobbi: Well, well. (saunters over) Hi, Jimmy. (French kisses an unresponsive Profit)
      Profit: Hi, Mom.

    • Mary Miller: (about Elizabeth Walters) She's wonderful when she's sober.

    • Pete: (after losing) Nice game.
      Chaz: (lightly pokes Pete's chest) Shouldn't drink when you play.

    • Profit: (voice-over) Is that grief in her eyes, or is she hiding something? Let's find out.

  • Notes

    • Three books providing insight into Profit's character are shown in the opening sweep through his apartment; Eat Healthy, Live Longer, Microeconomics and Triumph & Tragedy.

    • This episode had the first mention of Joanne's childhood trauma, as well as the dream of Profit strangling her in the hall.

    • Profit found out that Joanne liked helicopter skiing, tai chi, and was a vegetarian.

  • Allusions

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