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  • This type of show will never be presented with similar plot in a similar environment.

    You see the typical popular show avoids really solving problems, the characters are mostly cliche and you often find your self bursting things like - "Oh come on, even my dog would write a more plausible scene"

    Profit was a show that was somewhat focused on a sociopath that doesn't break a sweat being constantly engaged in lies, cheating, murder and manipulation.
    It was good to see such a character actually develop rather than being been given one or a few episodes to show how unimaginably devoted/ingenious/etc. the law enforcement is at nailing such individuals.

    So probably when the TV guys saw how nicely all that dirt was driving the plot they got really scared that occasionally you might actually get a really bad impression on corporate life. And they can't have that, after all corps own own and make what you get on TV + most of what you use in your daily life. So you'd better keep your head busy with "I'm sure Timmy has the upper moral ground on that donut. Or does he?" rather than "Oh my god corporations may be just as rotten as they look, we should get rid of them"...

    None the less the show is old. I'd much rather see such a show brought right into modern days. If done right it probably would be more powerful than Profit.

    In any case: Profit is over - 9 episodes.
    The show was well done, most of the people who have seen it have some positive memory worth keeping.
  • Finally an original thought in Hollywood!

    Profit is one of the first shows to break out and be ahead of it's time. The characters were interesting and the overall story didn't give you the sense of "didn't I see this done on such-and-such show?"

    Adrian Pasdar was excellent as a damaged and evil individual that I found myself actually routing for.

    The show itself made some folks "nervous" because of the subject and as a result the execs pulled the plug. With what is shown today, and how far the limits are pushed...this show would be considered tame.

    It wasn't allowed time to find it's audience, and those who did manage to find it came too late. Right show, wrong time.

    Thankfully, the entire season is available on DVD which includes episodes that never aired in the USA.
  • It's hard to sell a character who is a totally realistically written anti-hero: That's why this show failed so quickly; It's also why I loved it.

    Jim Profit is a character unlike any you've seen on network television. He's a sociopath, liar, cheat, murderer and master manipulator. By all rights the audience should hate this guy. yet there's something about him that saves him from being an outright villain. Most of Fox's viewers didn't see him this way, hence, the quick death, only four episodes aired, of this series. I guess the mass TV audience was not ready for such a daringly new concept in prime time TV. These story lines were were adult, intelligent and definitely politically incorrect, but they were fascinating to watch. Thank goodness for the DVD release which has the additional four episodes Fox chose not to air. If you enjoy intelligent adult stories get the DVD; you won't be disappointed. As a bonus, if you are a fan of "Heroes" you'll get to see Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli) in an earlier role, that of the title character Jim Profit.
  • "Anyone who thinks controlling people is a science is dead wrong. It's an art."

    I discovered this 1996 show only a year ago.
    A friend told me I might like it.
    Good thing I gave it a shot.
    Of course you've got to enjoy a non-politicly-correct yet intelligent show, you've got to be ready to like a character who's not afraid to lie, corrupt, blackmail, kill (and I know it's not right but you may even end up understanding) in a totally calm and cold way.
    If you're not afraid of this, try it.
    Plus, you'll see mysterious politician Nathan Petrelli from "Heroes", Adrian Pasdar. (is it me or this Petrelli could've been a "few years later" Profit...?)
    Anyway, you might hate it (like most of american people did since "Profit" went off very quickly) or just love it since there is no "in-between" with this show (like there's none in its controlling, manipulating, seducing, suffering, "fully-understanding-human-nature-and-using-it" main character).
    Just watch it and make your own opinion.

    "If you want someone to love you, open your heart. If you want someone to be obsessed with you, close it." Good night.
  • Jim Profit is driven for success, for revenge, for justice, for greed, for his own personal demons. Nobody truly knows, and nobody gets in his way.

    This was my favorite show, for years I couldn't stop telling people about this show, after a few years, I began to think that it was all a dream. To this day I can't believe that this show isn't still on television, it was revolutionary, it used top of the line computer simulation, and it begged the question, is he good or evil? Adrian Pasdar was the perfect fit as Jim Profit, he was mysterious, intriguing, and skillfully deceitful. You can tell he has been building up his entire life for this chance to destroy all who oppose him, in his quest within the corporate landscape of Gracen & Gracen. Be careful not to fall in love with this show, because then you will know what you've missed.
  • A slick corporate-type connives and mind-games his way up through his company while the head of security and others try to stop him.

    Sleek. Sensual. Sinfully delightful.

    All adjectives applicable to Adrian Pasdar's Jim Profit and the eponymous series that Fox aired.

    Thankfully, this ground-breaking series gave us a serious drama with a charcoal grey lead, who could be sweet or polite or romantic and then turn around and do something that would have you gasping out loud.

    The cast was perfection and delivered what the scripts asked and more. The writers wanted to show us a morally ambiguous lead, but have us understand and be able to identify with his 'whys'- they richly succeeded!

    They scared CBS(listen to the pilot's commentary on the dvd!) and pepped up Fox's summer in 1996.

    In my opinion, it should've been [b]the[/b] springboard for Adrian Pasdar to become a household name the way that Roseanne, Wentworth Miller, and those six [i]Friends[/i] from NBC.

    I recommend this for older teens and up, due to some of the adult situations presented. If you like darker dramas, I strongly recommend this. If you are an Adrian Pasdar or Lisa Zane fan? This is for you. I'm planning on getting my own copy!