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Sky1 (ended 2008)


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  • The UK's answer to the wildly popular "Project Runway". Hosted by Elizabeth Hurley, each week contestants vie for the grand prize of money and a internship at Top Shop.

    Blantant rip off, or homage, call it what you will.Project Catwalk, Britan's answer to Bravo Channels "Project Runway", while it looking the same on the outside, pales in comparison to it predicesor. Each episode is basically twelve minutes of footage played over and over agin before and after each commecial break. With little or no creativity in challenges (on the part of the show, not designers) and the ever rude Ben De Lisse (sp?)telling, instead of mentoring, the contestants what to do(design wise), its a wonder this show ever aired.
    Elizabeth Hurley, while as engaging as Hedi Klume, fails to really hold the show together. She is unfortunatley overshadowed by the multitude of personalisties fliting on and off the catwalk.
    My biggest gripe with the first season would have been how amature the chosen disigners were. It was basically a bunch of fashion students, looking cool. While that was interesting for a fraction of a second, it shows throgh in later episodes.
    Check out if you're a rabid fan of Bravo's Project Runway, oterwise avoid at all costs.
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