Project Earth

Discovery Channel (Mini-Series 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Raining Forests
      Raining Forests
      Episode 9
      Raining Forests from the Discovery channel series Project Earth looks at the challenges in replanting forests. Rather than the time-consuming technique of planting individual seeds or saplings, this episode explores the possibility of repopulating forests using planes and helicopters. The team then returns three months later to investigate the technique's success.moreless
    • Orbital Power Plant
      Orbital Power Plant from the Discovery Channel series Project Earth looks at the possibility of creating solar power in space. The team investigates whether thousands of satellites could be used to harness the sun's power into microwave energy. The energy must then be transported back to earth and converted into electricity.moreless
    • Space Sunshield
      Space Sunshield
      Episode 7
      Space Sunshield from the Discovery Channel series Project Earth explores a radical theory for reducing the greenhouse effect in the Earth's atmosphere. The theory involves redirecting approximately 2 percent of the sun's rays in order to reduce global temperatures by using lenses to send the sun's rays into space rather than the world's surface. The team looks at the costs, possibilities and realities.moreless
    • Hungry Ocean
      Hungry Ocean
      Episode 6
      Hungry Ocean from the Discovery channel series Project Earth looks at new methods for eliminating the ocean's dead zones. The scientific team uses a newly-developed air pump to try and encourage water circulation to bring the carbon-rich elements of the lower depths of the ocean back up to the surface.
    • Infinite Winds
      Infinite Winds
      Episode 5
      Infinite Winds from the Discovery Channel series Project Earth looks at scientific efforts to create a more effective wind turbine to generate energy. Since winds can be slowed by buildings, trees and other elements on the earth's surface, the Project Earth team investigates an newly developed rotating airship that floats 300 feet high while generating power.moreless
    • Brighter World
      Brighter World
      Episode 4
      Clouds are great at reflecting sunlight. So could there be a way in which to make these clouds brighter in order to reflect the Sun's heat and thus lower the Earth's temperature? Professors Latham and Salter propose to do just that.
    • Fixing Carbon
      Fixing Carbon
      Episode 3
      A machine or filtering system which extracts carbon dioxide from the air and stores it underground could be the holy grail of climate science.
    • Wrapping Greenland
      Dr. Jason Box, a glaciologist from Ohio State University, wants to prevent glaciers from melting by covering them with blankets that will reflect the powerful rays of the sun. Box is convinced that his specially chosen material is resilient enough for Arctic conditions, but just how indestructible is it really? The team goes airborne to reproduce some of the worst weather experienced in the Arctic Circle: a hurricane-force ice storm. After testing, they deploy a 10,000-square-yard, reflective geo-textile blanket on the Greenland ice sheet. Will the blanket indeed reflect the sun and block the wind?moreless
    • Engineering The Future
      An introduction to climate change and the large scale geo-engineering experiments.