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  • Season 4 Review

    Where's the rest of this show?

    I found this show far too short, both in the length of the episode and the amount of episodes, and focused too much on this toxic producer, Effie Brown, and not enough on Jason Mann.

    If you want to see a better TV show about making a movie and helping young talent, watch "The Chair" on Starz, which had far more hands on executive producer involvement, at least shown on the episodes than Project Greenlight, and went into more detail about the film makers and their lives, before, during, and after, the making of the movie and the TV show.

    As a whole, Season 4 of Project Greenlight, never showed enough footage nor information about the many contestants and their films in the competition, and needed several more episodes just on the competition itself, when it almost seemed to glance over them in passing. Then after deciding on a winner, you would think they would go into detail about that winner and their life, ie Jason Mann, and they never did. There weren't enough interviews with Jason, but instead, way too many with Effie Brown the producer. The perspective of the show centered on Effie Brown and her problems with the subject of the movie, discrimination in entertainment, and her dislike of Jason Mann, instead of highlighting how they were helping Jason's vision and process. Perhaps part of the fault was Jason's quiet introverted personality, for not being as forward and talkative with the TV crew, or perhaps just that he was new, however the onus is on HBO to see his perspective getting lost in terms of the TV show, and then in the editing process tweak a few things to get his point of view across and edit the show in light of his perspective, as opposed to the production staff, who shouldn't have been the subject of the show.

    I honestly think FOX, in the style of American Idol who always do a short film about their contestants, could make a better contestant show around making a movie than HBO has done here in Project Greenlight season 4.

    It almost seems like this TV show would work better if it were done as a documentary by an outside agency, not HBO, that takes a critical look at the struggles ahead for upcoming directors getting into film making, so it wouldn't focus everything on the most toxic character for the purposes of ratings. It shows great self-knowledge that Effie recused herself from the final episode, as she knew her frustrations from so many personality clashes was going to overpower the intent of the show.

    *Note: I totally agree with Matt Damon, that the competition should be based on merit and not on race, age, gender, religion, or socio-economic status, because a competition shouldn't turn into an affirmative action program half way through, which would basically undermine the entire process of finding talent and developing new artists, as every artist is already the marginalized in society and is in need of that one big break.
  • It needs to return!

    Not many people know how hard it is to make a film. This documentary is perfect for people to watch that are interested in going into filmaking as a career of choice. It also provides a way for the filmmakers of the movie that is being worked on, to get exposure.
  • Great look into what it takes to make a movie..

    Basically the summary stats this show shows what it is like to make a movie mostly low budget movies in tell the 3rd season with Feast. The show is great showing all the different parts of making a movie, so for any one who likes to watch movies and wants to see how they are made then this is perfect show. Watch it you will love it.