Project Runway Australia

Monday 8:30 PM on FOX8 Premiered Jul 07, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Well it has a lot to live up to, but I think this version of a hit will last and perform well. Good viewing for both old and new viewers.

    One day you're in, the next day you're out. There's only been a couple of episodes, but I think this show will live to see another day, and another, and another. Besides, the amount of promotion I've seen for this over the past month has been so phenomenol it was hard not to tune in. And, well, it's partly hype, but mostly I tuned in because I'm a fan of the American Project Runway. Of course, when seeing a reborn reality program from overseas, the expectations are immense, and you want it to be everything you love about the original.

    To be honest, while host Kirsty Hinze does have the killer model status and adds the glamour-factor to the show, she doesn't really have the charm or quirky familiarness that Heidi Klum brings to US Runway. There's also the 'mentor' in Henry Roth. Let's be frank, he's no Tim Gunn! If you want to be loved in Runway, you need to be sharp, witty, caring and have an iconic catch-phrase! Come on, how bout a little "Style it up", or even "Make it the new black"...or something. Then there's the other judges, Jayson Brunsdon does well as a fashion judge, but who is Sarah Gale, and what on earth is a fashion 'buyer'?

    Then there's the contestants. There is your usual token gay outlandish and totally lovable guys, your up and comings who are fresh out of fashion school, the know-it-alls you love to hate, the guy who doesnt know what he's doing and all those other boring people who scrape by and are shocked when they get eliminated even though they've passed through unnoticed for a few rounds.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm really not trying to diss the show, it is quite entertaining, and especially thrilling each time you see the fashions walk down that runway after all the 'drama' they've been through. It's also interesting to rate your own opinions on the clothes with what the judges think, and the online interview component of the show adds to the appeal of reality on our own doorstep. One to watch.