Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 3

All Dolled Up

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2005 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Heidi is calling the contestants to step forward, Chloe is not called. However, in the next scene, she has stepped forward.

    • Kara doesn't return to the workroom with the rest of the designers after their field trip to Toys-R-Us. She drops her Barbie's hat on the escalator and searches for it during the 30 minutes that the rest of the designers are sketching. She finds the hat and gets back with only a short amount of time to sketch.

  • Quotes

    • Nick (about Marla): She's got some wickidy wack trim on it. She's gonna take off her jacket and there's gonna be 'Wickidy Wack!'

    • Tim Gunn: (looking at Marla's design near the end of day one) All of this speaks to incredible potential- you're not there yet.
      Marla: Okay.

    • Santino: (being snide about Marla behind her back) Marla, you know she wears a big, shiny, tacky badge of being self taught. You got your small, limited bag of tricks, work it out girl, you know?
      Chloe: (laughing uncomfortably) Oh, my gosh.
      (Marla walks into the room)

    • Andrae: (on his decision not to put a blond wig on his model) She doesn't look like Barbie, she never will look like Barbie, um, not the blond Barbie. You know, I dare a judge to say, 'Oh, I think she would have looked better with a blond wig'.

    • Marla: (when asked about her design) She's a little overdone, she's trying to be maybe a little bit more, um, grown-up than she is, and um, yeah, she's kind of fancy.
      Michael Kors: To me, she's a little sad. I mean, that's my reaction.

    • Raymundo: (in this farewell interview) I'm leaving earlier than I thought I was going to, but at the same time, I'm young and I have balls of steel.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Nick: (talking about his Barbie) This is my Barbie, and she's my inspiration, and she sort of gives me a sort of Telemundo/Copacabana chick.

      Telemundo is a Spanish language television station and Copacabana is a beach in Brazil, his design reflected both ideas.

    • Michael Kors: (referring to Raymundo's design) To me it could have been Barefoot Appalachian Li'l Abner Barbie.

      Li'l Abner was a comic strip drawn by Andy Capp from 1934 to 1977. It featured the good-natured, but obstinate and dumb hillbilly Li'l Abner Yokum and his clan as well as their rivals the Scraggs, who all live in the impoverished town of Dogpatch.