Project Runway

Season 3 Episode 10

Black and White

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • what the F*** - no special guests - just two previous LOSERS! (spoiler alert)

    what the F*** was Heidi thinking in bringing back two loosers who ended up losing again?!?! There is a reason why they lost - their "fashion sense" was off the mark and not what the judges wanted - and then to top it all off...the one person that designed as kick-azz dress is off the show now - total garbage of an episode!

    while the design challenge was called black and white - they did not specify how much black and white you had to use in your design....the loser here was Kane - they totally liked his dress, but because he didn't use white all over it...they booted him off the rude

    the dress was much better than the other contestants - except for the winner...Big red did it again...a gorgeous coctail dress that was simple, elegant, and made for only 100.00~! it could easily sell for 10 times that...the hand-work on it paid off for her and she showed that she could design for a real woman and not the glamzon that she offense to her - she's a very tall woman, and most of her designs are basically the same...but this "challenge" she kicked booty!
  • Not technically a storyline, but I don\'t know how to describe it!!

    Okay, I\'ll try to explain this as simply as possible. I was totally mad that Vincent and Angela were brought back. I was kinda happy thinking that Angela and her fleurchons (or whatevers) were gone for good. I was so very happy when she was eliminated. Again. Nice. Vincent tends to make me cringe at the awkwardness everytime I see him. Anyway, they\'re both gone now (for good? I hope so.). I was so so so glad that Laura won. She has been consistently amazing in her designs, and it\'s nice that she FINALLY gets the credit she deserves. But I was mad that they got rid of Kayne. It\'s not his fault that they didn\'t think his design had enough white in it. They should\'ve gotten rid of Jeffrey. But hey, that\'s just my (totally biased) opinion.
  • What the...?

    Bringing back the two losers was annoying as all get out. I couldnt wait for Angela to get kicked out since week 2 then we have to see her again!! Lord! We all know she sucks. As for Laura winning this challenge, her dress was OK but it looks just like everything else she ever designed on that show. Boring, empire waisted little dresses. It was better then last week but that isnt saying too much. Michael and Uli's dresses were much better then hers. Blah, Blah, Blah. I hope she gets booted next week. I cant imagine how boring a whole line of her little crap dresses would be.
  • Not one of their best, but bearable.

    This episode definitely fell short of expectations. The commercials boasted of \'designing for the Olsen twins\' and just brought back 2 losers. They probably just brought Angela back to revive the Jeffery vs. Angela battle.(read: effortless rating boost!)I think they should have brought Alison back. Basically it was a drastic attempt to bring back all the viewers they had lost since last season. It all came crashing down when one of the only 2 non-dramatic contestants, Kayne, was eliminated. Being my favorite designer, Kayne\'s elimination brought even more tears to my eyes. Overall it was a lousy episode this week.
  • ok

    the previews made you think there would be special guests but it was just angela and vincent who by the way for those of you who have not realized it yet suck!!!the\'r dress were not even close to winning it. they should not have even won there challenges to begin with!! the only reason angela won that challenge was because laura and michael made her not completely screw it up! ! ! ! ! she was going to put rossettes over the whole thing until laura had the idea to use them as buttons. and uli should have won the episode that vincent one hers was much better.