Project Runway

Season 1 Episode 7

Design a Collection

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2005 on Lifetime



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  • Quotes

    • Jay: This project just sucks my a**hole inside out.

    • Wendy: Kara Saun decided that we needed to have a group meeting and talk about all the ways we were gonna stand up on the runway to justify our collection. She took charge of the meeting, which I think was a dream come true for her.

    • Jay: Why do I end up hating everything I make on this f***ing show?
      Austin: What are you talking about?
      Jay: Look at it. It looks like a f***ing apron from Ragamuffinville, USA.

    • Robert (about the challenge): Me, personally, I like the power of now, I like to focus on what the hell's going on right now. As of right now, I'm confused about this future project.

    • Wendy: (referring to the strategy session called by Kara Saun) Listening to these yahoos talk this pseudo-intellectual crap about how they were going to justify this 'collection', I was laughing my ass off and just thought they were the biggest bunch of idiots.

    • Tim Gunn: (as he checks Jay's outfit) What I'm gripped by is 2055. I don't see it.
      Jay: Yeah, me either.
      Tim Gunn: Oy, Jay, I want you to bullsh*t me.
      Jay: Oh, okay! I thought we were talking truthfully.

    • Tim Gunn: I mean, maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe they'll say this is fabulous, we love it, what a great collection. I don't think so.
      Kevin: Oh thanks.
      Tim Gunn: Individually these look very impressive. As a group, my brain is bleeding.

    • Austin: I don't know what Wendy's idea was. If I were Wendy, I'd be nervous.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tim Gunn: (on creating a collection for the year 2055) So you need to think about the 2055 issues. Is it The Jetsons, or is it Blade Runner?
      The Jetsons is a Hannah-Barbera cartoon set in a Utopian future, and Blade Runner is a Harrison Ford movie set in dark, seamy cyberpunk future.

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