Project Runway

Season 1 Episode 9

Design for the Red Carpet

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2005 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

The designers that made it to this round are Jay, Kara Saun, Austin and Wendy. They meet Heidi and are told that their challenge this week is to design an outfit that will appear on the red carpet of the Grammy awards. In the sewing room they meet who they are designing for: Nancy O'Dell, host of Access Hollywood. She spends some time talking to the designers, telling them her color preferences and the general feel of the Grammy's red carpet. She wants bright colors but not hot pink. She likes two piece outfits so it's easier to fit the mic in. And she told them that last year she wore a denin top with a short skirt that looked put together but not dressy. The designers were then given $300 to shop for materials.

While shopping, Wendy and Kara Saun decided to use the same orange color palette, and Wendy literally took Kara Saun's material from her workbench and put it in her work pile. Kara's frustration came out as passive aggressive barbs to the camera about how it's fine if someone feel that they have to copy another person's work in order to do well. Wendy was unfazed and she continued her work, knowing that the other three designers are probably working to boot her out.

The designers had other surprises today as they were given an extra set of hands in the form of Robert, outted last week, and a visit to the sprawling studio of Michael Kors. The visit was inspiring to the designers, they were shown all the special dresses that various celebrities had worn to red carpet events, including one that Heidi wore. Robert, on the other hand, spent most of his time sleeping and drinking beer.

On the runway, the designers presented their outfits to the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Nancy O'Dell.

Wendy's model wore an orange top with a short lace skirt with feathers. Her inspiration was that since Nancy would be shot mostly from the waist up, the top had to be cute and structured but the bottom could be jazzed up with something unusual.

Jay sent his model down in a sparkly pink top, and a multi-textured layered pink and dark red skirt.

Austin's model wore a flowly blue and purple gown that opened up at the waist to reveal a short miniskirt.

Kara Saun's model wore an orange dress-top with sequins and orange satin tuxedo pants with beading on the side.

Although Nancy was impressed with the designs, the other judges were underwhelmed. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia criticised each and every outfit, much to the delight of Wendy who revelled in watching her competitors "squirm". They said that Wendy's outfit was too fussy, and that the feathers were over-the-top. They said although they love Jay's skirt the top was matronly. Austin's dress was too couture, and that he never really listens to the customer's needs. And they thought that Kara's design was tired. Overall, they couldn't decide which outfit they liked without tweaking.

But in the end, it was Wendy's design that Nancy picked and Austin was booted out of the competition.

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