Project Runway

Season 1 Episode 11

Fashion Week

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2005 on Lifetime

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  • Go Jay! and Kara!

    What an exciting episode. I was still really mad because Wendy Pepper got to the final three and Austin didn't (although he's not my favourite). Still, I was happy my two favourites got to the Fashion Week: Jay and Kara. They both did an amazing job, it was really enjoyable to see both collections.
    Luckely Wendy was cut off really fast, 'cause her collection kind of sucked. I wasn't sure who was going to win, but I didn't care, because they'd both succed anyways.
    The whole episode was exciting , so if you haven't seen it yet, you better do it right now!
  • great finale

    Nice finale of a show i really enjoyed watching..
    it was nice to see the finalists work at their clothes at home.. this way we could get to know them even better..
    the finale was exciting, a lot of things happended - like Kara Saun freaking out - and it was really worth watching.. i hope the next season will be as good as this one!

    and Michelle_01, you are right.. it was hard chosing between Jay and Kara Saun.. but i\'m glad Jay won.. i think his creations on the runway were the best.. but nevertheless Kara Saun is a great desinger and i hope she\'ll get far in life.. about Wendy.. i\'m also glad she didn\'t win, cause she absolutely didn\'t deserve it.. fact, she didn\'t even deserve to be in the final.. my favourite all along was Austin.. he should have been there with Jay and Kara Saun.. but nevertheless a great finale with a great winner!
  • Oh, so exciting!!!

    So exciting!!!
    I had a hard time deciding which one i like the most, Kara Sun or Jay. Both of them are so good! I thought Wendy's collecion was nice, but I hoped she wouldn't win! Which she didn't!
    Jay's collection was very Jay, and personal. But I would really want to wear Kara Sun's cloths! The dresses was no nice and sexy!
    It was good that Jay won, but I hope Kara Sun will do very well in her future carere.
    I hope they will make a show -"What happend after the show". Looking forward to season 2 and the beautiful Heidi Klum.
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