Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 13

Finale (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2008 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

On tonight's episode of Project Runway, it came down to Rami, Chris, Christian, and Jillian but only three would make it to the final runway show at New York Fashion Week. Heidi met with the designers to tell them that it was time for the final challenge. They would have 5 months and $8,000 to create their final collections, which would involve 12 different outfits. For Rami and Chris though, it wouldn't be that easy. When they returned to New York, they would have to show their three strongest outfits to the judges. From there, they would decide which one of the two would move on. With six weeks to go, Tim paid a visit to each designer to inspect their work and give them some feedback. He worried that Christian's final outfit was too costume-y. Tim commented that Jillian's color palette looked like a rainy day. Rami's outfits didn't look like enough detail went into it and Tim wanted more. Chris freaked Tim out the most, using real human hair in several of his designs. Back in New York, Christian and Jillian arrived and found out that they would be roommates in their hotel. Rami and Chris shared a separate room but only one of them would be bunking with the other two for Fashion Week. The next day, they were given a few hours to make some final alterations to their outfits before showing them to the judges. Jillian assisted Rami while Christian helped Chris get everything ready. On the runway, Rami and Chris presented their three outfits and left it up to the judges to make their decision. Chris tried to think out of the box and show things that the judges have not seen. Rami showed three different looks, proving that he can do more than just drape. It became a very difficult decision for the judges, who felt that both collections were dark and overworked. In the end, they decided to send Rami to the finals and send Chris home.