Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 13

Finale (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • Rami is the third designer to join Christian and Jillian on the Fashion Week.

    The four remaining contestants Christian, Jillian, Rami and Chris have got a budget of $8000 and five months time to create twelve different looks. Christian and Jillian as first and second of last episode have already guaranteed a place at the fashion week on Bryant Park in New York. Rami and Chris have to show Heidi and the other judges their three strongest looks. The judges will decide upon those who will continue to the fashion week.
    Christian prepares a collection in romantic gothican look.
    Jillian uses 15th century armour as inspiration. Rami Kashou, who prepares his collection in L.A., is inspired by Jeanne d'Arc. Chris uses human hair as raw material. On the runway Rami beats Chris, whose dresses are found more beautiful and commercially liable.
    So Rami is the third designer to join Christian and Jillian on the Fashion Week.
  • effing coat!

    This episode looked at the four designers halfway through their collections for Fashion Week. Christian's fierce designing space was amazing because he used it so well, considering he is only twenty one. Jillian's family was so funny; she seems so different from them. I loved Chris's friend's apartment and all of its eclecticness. One thing bothered me, though: Rami already has a studio and is really established. The others have nothing and are just starting out and to me it seemed a little unfair that he could still get all of the prizes when he's already out there. But that's just my opinion. It's a good precursor to the finale.