Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 14

Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

The show begins with just a few days until the fashion show. Jillian and Christian bicker a little bit, but nothing major (remember that word). The designers have a joint model casting session and Jillian chooses models of different sizes and looks. She didn't really do that on purpose, though, and tries to recast her models the day before the show. No dice. Then it's on to Bryant Park. Before the show, Tim tells the designers how excellent their work has been and that they are an inspiration to him. At the show, we see that Victoria Beckham is the guest judge! Jillian shows first. It's terrific. Her inspiration was the painting that she used for the last challenge, and it's stunning. Lots of feminine, modern, urbane clothes. She also added knits to her arsenal, and they were really nice, though Tim warned her about one of the sweaters not fitting into a look. Rami showed next. There was a lot of draping, like we've come to expect from him, but there were also woven pieces and pieces with nice tailoring. Some of the colors were a little wonky though, or "Brady Brunch colors" as Michael Kors called them. Christian showed last and he seemed very nervous when he introduced his collection. He needn't have been because the whole collection was very accomplished. Sophisticated, daring silhouettes and a couple of truly breathtaking dresses. The judges seemed to like all three collections, though they had some problems with Rami's colors, Jillian's focus, and Christian's feathers. Posh was all over Christian, though, and said she loved everything he did. Jillian is out first. And our winner is Christian!! He totally ugly cries before he wins. He reminds us that we should have known all along that he would win.