Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 14

Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • Season Finale, and could't have been better!

    In the last episode, the three finalist (Christian Siriano, Rami Kashou and Jillian Lewis) who had been given five months and $8000 to create a collection of twelve looks for Fashion Week showed their collections in NY's Fashion Week. Victoria Beckham was invited as the Gust Judge, to join Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. The judges were given the difficult task of chosing who would win this Season.
    After seeing all the collections, the judges called back all of the designers, to give them their thoughts individually. First they talked to Jillian, to whom they said had had amazing originality by including something no other contestant had in the hole season: knitting. They also concratulated her for the colours and creativity. However, they said that they failed too see a connection between all the garments, and that some didn't seem to belong in the collection. Then, they talked with Christian who seemed to be very nervous and "not as fierce as he usually is". They all congratulated for having made such chick, avant-garde beautiful clothing. Victoria Beckham was especially delighted by Christian's creations. Last but not leat they talked with Rami, to whom they said had created beautiful clothes who many women would love to buy. However, they insisted that the colours he ahd chosen were not suitable nor chick at all.
    After some long deliberation, the judges called the three finalist. Jillean was eliminated first, and in a tense atmosphere they announced that the winner of this season was Christian Siriano. He was congratulated by all the judges and Victoria Beckham told the winner it would be an honour to wear any of his creations.
    Well, I'm personally hecstatic with the winner, I've loved Christian from day one and couldn't be happier that he won!

    This is the fourth season finale of Project Runway. The collections are shown. They are all very good but as usual I have to list my nitpicks about the episode. The models were unusually opinionated and annoying. Also, towards the end, I was sad that they sent Jillian away before announcing the winner. But Christian's collection was definitely the best. Victoria Beckham didn't bother me as much as I thought she would. Nina was always a fan of Rami but I'm glad he didn't win. It would be kind of unfair if he did but Christian deserved everything he got. Watch it, especially if you've come this far in the season already.
  • The twentyone year old designer from Annapolis, Christian, wins the competition.

    Last challenge of season 4. The designers get ready for the big runway show at Bryant Park. First to appear on stage is Jillian's collection. It has feminine and modern looks, and some surprising knitwear. But too many inspirations together looked a little disjointed.

    Second on stage is Rami, whose collection consists of separates,evening outs and cocktail looks inspired by Joan of Arc. Especially the weaving techniques he used in some dresses were admired by the judges. But on the other hand they had some problems with the colours he had chosen.

    Christian is the last one on stage. His two tone feathered dress (mocca with cream) was spectacular, but his black looks were found a little bit repetitive and monotonous. Still guest judge Victoria Beckham loves all of the collection.

    In the end it is the twentyone year old designer from Annapolis, Christian, who wins the competition. As he was the one who showed the most creativity during the whole season, he deserved it and needed the money prize most. The model Lisa, paired with the winning designer will receive a fashion spread in Elle magazine.

    Overall it was an amazing season, and let's wait for next one.