Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 14

Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • In a few years time, the real winner will be clear, and it won't be Chloe.

    In a few years time, the real winner will be clear, and it wont be Chloe. I was initially shocked with her win. Compared to the others, her collection was just cheap looking. I agree her craftsmanship is excellent, but her collection, to me, lacked grace. Daniel on the other hand, his collection was quite nice. I agree with Tim that his bags were just horrible. In the end, time will tell. As with most contests, and sports drafts for that matter, the true talent usually never wins or is chosen with the first pick. In time, Daniel and Santino will mature and their design skills will peak, and they will be the true great American designers.
  • Its painful to watch because Dan did not win.

    Im so mad at the season finale. Dan was my favorite! His collection was amazing. I hated Chloe's clothes. No offense to her, but Dan was definitly my choice.

    Hopefully, she wont be a designer for long. I thought she should have left since the last few episodes. Im just blown away.
  • I was really rooting for Daniel V.

    I thought I had the obvious winner of Season Two of Bravo's Project Runway all figured out.

    Santino had become inconsistent and uncontrollable and Chloe's designs seemed a little too boring. They were streamlined for the masses without any real creativity behind them.

    But then there was Daniel V. He knew just how far to push his creative license while maintaining a certain professional level of elegance and taste. He had won several of the challenges and was always recieving high praise from the judges.

    That's why i was so completely shocked when he lost to Chloe in the final Fashion Week challenge. His clothing line was unique, but completely wearable, while hers looked okay, but the poofy sleeves everywhere and bright color (magentas, blues, etc.) started to make me feel like the whole collection was rather circus-y.

    At least Michael Kors had enough sense to leave him an open invitation for a job. Hopefully, Dan will have the success he deserves outside the show.
  • Daniel Vosovic, Chloe Dao, and Santino Rice show their 13-piece collections for Olympus Fashion Week. The judges (fashion designer Michael Kors, Elle magazine fashion editor Nina Garcia, and in my opinion stupid guest judge Debra Messing) decide the winne

    This episode was greatly disappointing. The group I was watching with was definitely not rooting for Chloe. After viewing the collections where Daniel went first, followed by Chloe, and finished with Santino, we all weren't that impressed by Chloe's designs - some admittedly were good but most were hideous. Santino's were absolutely gorgeous and not characteristic of most of his designs throughout the show (although some were reminiscent of his beautiful design for Nicky Hilton). Daniel's designs showed range and were simple yet elegant. They were very Banana Republic-friendly. Santino used a variety of fabrics and colors, whereas Chloe's outfits were all of the same fabric - flashy, shiny, or green with flower print. When it came down to Daniel and Chloe all of us were rooting for Daniel who has been consistently the best designer (he won I think 4 or 5 challenges). By the end of the show, it was decided that the judges made the wrong choice and Debra Messing should be boycotted.
  • Congrats Chloe

    First off, Daniel was my fav all season, but I am really glad Chloe won, because she did have the best collection! I was scared for Daniel as was Tim when he saw what he had had only a few days before the show. But it did turn out better than I was expecting. I really like Santinos collection too, but it wasn't as Santino as I was hopeing for but so beautiful!
    So eventhough Daniel was my fav to win and went in to the finale with the most wins, Chloe collections was just so fanastic I couldn't help but root for her at the end. So Congrats!
  • Project Runway Two comes to a close.. We said goodbye to sweet Daniel Franco, Andrae 'our little lamb', the twins Marla and Diana, Nick the frontrunner, Emmett (complete with pink shirt!), and many other designers we loved. Now, the winner is choosen!

    I thought that this was a fabulous episode. Danny V was adorable as usual, Chloe showing real talent, and Santino made the finale come to close in true Santino form.

    I sorely missed Andrae, Nick and Diana, and was thrilled when they returned to help the three designers with their 13th outfits. I felt awful for Kara, though, considering she was one of the final four designers and was put aside to Diana!

    The designers' collections, though lacking in feathery bowas (sp?) and earmuffs, were all incredible. I have to say that while I am a true Dan-fan (like all the rest! :D), Chloe had a collection far superior to Daniel's.
    Santino's was beautiful, though he obviously does not think about women when designing his clothes. Daniel did simple yet elegant work, but I'm sorry to say was less impressive than his work on the show's challenges. My favourite part of the show was probably Santino's HORRIBLE speech (I say this because.. At Olympus fashion week, when presenting your clothes, you do not: a. Get defensive. b. Swear. c. Talk about your mom while doing so) and Santino's choice of music! I loved the words, I thought they were absolutley hilarious and true to Santino in every way possible.

    In the end, the judges did make the right desicion. Chloe had a better collection! However, if the judges were thinking about the long-run, and not just the short-term, they would have realized that Daniel V would have had a more successful buisness.
  • Congratulations, Chloe!

    This was the season 2's finale, when Heidi, Tim, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge Debra Messing (why?! seriously, what was she doing there?) decided the best of the three finalists: Chloe Dao, Daniel Vosovic or Santino Rice.

    I don't know what happened to Dan, he was the best during the whole season, and his colection wasn't that good. It's a pity, because he was the sweetest guy and his model Rebecca was definately the best. Anyway, he didn't have to win to be a great designer, and I'm sure he still will do great things.

    I hated Santino during the whole season, himself and his designs. That lingerie and the Sasha Cohen dress were still on my mind as the most awful things I've ever seen, but his colection was perfect. It was SO beautiful! He really learned what the judges and Tim spent the whole season trying to put in his head and changed for the best. And there goes Nina Garcia, complaining that the collection wasn't "Santino enough". Please. She complained about him the whole season! I don't get Nina, Santino definately deserved to be on the last two with Chloe.

    Chloe's collection was wonderful. It made her models really beautiful (even tough their hair was ridiculous) and she is a great businesswoman. She really deserved to win. It was more simple than Dan's or Santino's colections but it was by far the better. And the thirteenth piece she was so scared to make was gorgeous (whilst Dan's and Santino's were awful). Who knew Miss Diana could help her make such a beautiful dress?

    Congratulations, Chloe! And let's wait for season three!
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    yes yes yes yes yes yes que descaro lo que hacen con esto lo ponen a uno en la posicion de escribir cualquier paja aqui que contenga como minimo unas cien palabras, no se con cual proposito, el mio es ver quien carajo gano la segunda temporada de project runway porque mi novia me lo pregunta casi todos los dias que averigue, ya que nos encontrabamos de viaje y no lo pudo ver. Iba a empezar a escribir cien veces la palabra yes o cualquier otra para ver si me van a mostrar el episodio, ademas me tome la molestia de suscribirme solo con el unico proposito de ver el **** capitulo.