Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 14

Finale (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • Project Runway Two comes to a close.. We said goodbye to sweet Daniel Franco, Andrae 'our little lamb', the twins Marla and Diana, Nick the frontrunner, Emmett (complete with pink shirt!), and many other designers we loved. Now, the winner is choosen!

    I thought that this was a fabulous episode. Danny V was adorable as usual, Chloe showing real talent, and Santino made the finale come to close in true Santino form.

    I sorely missed Andrae, Nick and Diana, and was thrilled when they returned to help the three designers with their 13th outfits. I felt awful for Kara, though, considering she was one of the final four designers and was put aside to Diana!

    The designers' collections, though lacking in feathery bowas (sp?) and earmuffs, were all incredible. I have to say that while I am a true Dan-fan (like all the rest! :D), Chloe had a collection far superior to Daniel's.
    Santino's was beautiful, though he obviously does not think about women when designing his clothes. Daniel did simple yet elegant work, but I'm sorry to say was less impressive than his work on the show's challenges. My favourite part of the show was probably Santino's HORRIBLE speech (I say this because.. At Olympus fashion week, when presenting your clothes, you do not: a. Get defensive. b. Swear. c. Talk about your mom while doing so) and Santino's choice of music! I loved the words, I thought they were absolutley hilarious and true to Santino in every way possible.

    In the end, the judges did make the right desicion. Chloe had a better collection! However, if the judges were thinking about the long-run, and not just the short-term, they would have realized that Daniel V would have had a more successful buisness.
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