Project Runway

Season 3 Episode 13

Finale, Part 1

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Tim visits each designer in their home or studio, where they are working on their collections. Uli lives in a nice apartment in Miami which overlooks the beach. She says she is living her true childhood dream, since she was able to move to the states from Germany and become a fashion designer, something she had wanted to do ever since she was a little girl. Michael's family hosts a dinner for Tim after he visits Michael's house in Atlanta. Tim feels Michael's collection doesn't have enough direction and encourages him to take another look at the bigger picture, in an effort to make his pieces work together more cohesively. Laura's NY loft is amazing! Her four boisterous boys, one of whom offers Tim a piece of turtle poop upon arrival, are there to greet Tim. Tim feels Laura's collection is looking good, but needs a bit of youth injected into it if she wants to win. He warns that if she doesn't tweak a few things here and there before the show the judges might quickly assume she is only capable of creating fashion for the older, more sophisticated woman and possibly pass off her whole collection. Tim meets up with Jeffrey in Los Angeles. He is introduced to Jeffrey's wife and son at home, then they make a visit to the studiospace downtown. Jeffrey's collection is almost completely finished and Tim is so impressed with it that he gives him a big hug. He is very pleased with the direction Jeffrey has chosen. Jeffrey is definitely the furthest along of the bunch, but each of the contestants have their momentum going and most of their 12 designs planned out nicely. Tim's advice definitely added to some changes made to the final pieces they bring to the Macy's-sponsored workspace in NYC, the week before the final runway show at Bryant Park. As each designer sets up their workspace, the other 3 designers can not ignore the fact that Jeffrey has nothing left to do and sits in the studio all day "twiddling his thumbs". Since he had mentioned earlier that he had been working on his own, personal collection while simulataneously making all the pieces for the Bryant Park show, they are suspicious that he possibly had some hired help. Laura is the first to bring up this issue, but the others are pretty quick to agree. Laura tells Tim about her concerns, which he assures her will be taken seriously. The next day, Tim visits the Macy's workspace to talk to Jeffrey and let him know that the issue will be investigated by the producers and that all of his receipts will be looked over as well. The very last shot of the episode is of Tim announcing to the final four, "unfortunately...", and we see Jeffrey crying and hugging Uli. On next week's final episode of the season, we'll find out if Jeffrey's tears are happy or sad ones.

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