Project Runway

Season 3 Episode 14

Finale, Part 2

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • For me the winner was put in second place !!!

    In this episode we find out the winner of season 3.

    As in the previous season, you can almost guest by the fashion show, who will be the winner.
    Is never the person that does the most "wearable" stuff. Like in this season was Uli, she did amazing dresses that im sure all women in the world would want to wear, but she didnt won, in fact if she had wonned would be a surprise for me because the winners not always do things you can actually wear.

    I like Jefrey, but i did liked way more Uli and her floating dresses, all of them just gorgeous !!!
  • Many styles, only one winner.

    Love, the season finale, simply amazing, Jeffrey’s edginess, Laura’s glamour, uly\'s vitality and Michael’s sportiness all blended together in this show. From the 3 seasons this one is the only one that offered 4 finalist to Olympus fashion week.
    Unfortunally the crow\'s favorite. Michael was the least favorite among the judges, in compare with the rest of the designers who are more experienced Michael’s line was badly criticized, and I quote \"It was too sexy\" Laura\'s line was evening wear, they were exquisite and luxurious but she was one note, uly made a awesome line as well, sexy yet formal, Jeffery, the winner, rocked the house with a mix of edginess and romanticism.
  • The 3rd winner of project runway reveals after the runway show.

    Although my favorite was Michael just like everyone else, I thought Uli will be the winner after watching the runway show. I was suprised to find out the Jeffery has won. The four collections are all amazing. I wish I was there at the show. It's nice to see some of the characters and one winner of the previous season to be there. It will be nice to see a reunion of the full three season cast so we can find out what they all are doing. I can't wait for the next season to come back! Bring Mullan back next time!
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  • satisfying resolution to a great season

    Seriously, who were they going to declare the winner besides Jeffrey? Laura--who would use $100,000 one a line of clothes that had identical impeccable craftsmanship and zero element of spark, intrigue, or freshness? Uli--who'd develop a fine but extremely geographically limited set for an even tinier population of clients? Michael--who everyone was pulling for but made such poor decisions in the clutch? (I think its just youth and that he'll do great things real soon) No, Jeffrey deserved it and he came off looking like a relatively decent human being. He made many enemies and didn't have Santino's sense of humor but he IS very talented and the show could have done much worse.
  • Were any of them worthy of winning?

    I'm not sue how I feel about Jeffery winning. I mean I loved his designs all season but I don't know that he should have won. I loved Uli's clothes. I can so see real women wearing her stuff. Laura's collection was great but it looked like it belonged in Macy's or something. I don't know what happened to Michael. He was kinda a flop. I hope that they all do well in the fashon world.
  • How lame Cheating Jeff the winner?

    Ok I liked watching most the time every wednesday. they have had hit and misses shows but this was the lamest excuse for a final episode!
    Yes I loved loved Laura and Ulli's shows, wow they where great! I was a little disappointed that Micheal didn;t do better. But No Way did Jeffery deserve to win, come on they even admitted that his evening dress was way YUCK!!! And then to let him win, I will not watch next season! What a disappointment! And yes I still think Jeffery Cheated!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Bravo, that was very bad! Whatever!
  • I loved Project Runway. It is so exciting.

    I was so happy that Jeffery won. I loved his collection. I didn't care what people thought of him. I always wanted him to win since day one. Jeffery is the best. Well everyone did put good clothes out there but there music selection was weird and kind of boring. The only person's collection that I did not like was Laura's. I thought Micheal's was better than hers. Uli did have an amazing collection that every one would like more, but Jeffery had a fukier and edgier collecction. His looked more fun. I loved the dress with the zippers and the dress with half red half black, I think they made a good choice of choosing Jeffery as the winner.
  • Yea!!

    Good for Jeffrey. I'm very glad that he is the winner of PR S3. Throughout the whole season I have been rooting for either Michael or Jeffrey to win and I'm glad it was one of them.
    Michael's collection did seem as though it lacked focus and it did seem to show the point that he needs more time to grow before he can become a full blown designer.
    Uli already is getting requests from people to design for them and her collection did look so beautiful and carefree. The silver dresses esp. were almost like 60's throwbacks.
    Jeffrey's collection was well planned and beautiful. The green zipper dress that his model wore was fantastic even though they had shown it several times earlier in the finale episodes it didn't do justice to how awesome it looked.
  • The final four show their lines at Fashion Week...

    I found this finale to be somewhat anticlimactic. I don't know if it was because it was in 2 parts or what. It was good enough, just not very exciting. I like Michael from the beginning but I wasnt too crazy about his line. Uli and Jeffrey deserved to be the final 2 based on the runway show. I think they should keep in mind the whole season as well though, the seemed to dismiss Michael rather bluntly. Between Jeffrey and Uli I really didnt care who won, both of their lines were pretty good. All the controversy surrounding Jeffrey probably made people pay more attention to him then anything negative. Him having his family there at the end was touching. I just wasnt overly impressed with this finale which is a shame because I have been looking forward to it. *Nice to see Chloe*
  • Congratulations To Jeffrey!

    I was truly not expecting Jeffrey to win after all that controvery with his line. Laura was just hatting on him because she knew he was the biggest competition out there. In the end it was between the 2 best designers: Uli and Jeffrey. After he went over the budget and the judges kept saying how much they loved Uli's designs I din't think he was going to win, but in the end he did it. I was so happy because he was the one that I was rooting for even after the acusations and all. His collection was the best. He deserves it!