Project Runway

Season 5 Episode 14

Finale Part II

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • The Season Five finale brought us three talented designers with absolutely stunning collections. Leane, Korto and Kenley showed ten pieces in each collection spotlighting imagination, originality and personality. Leane is this season's winner!

    The Project Runway finale was a very pleasant surprise to me. I enjoyed it much more than I'd expected. The runway show went very well. all three finalists did put on a very good show. Kenley's collection had a couple of very good pieces but for the most part, I felt her pieces were too costume for my taste. I could not find it in me to root for her. Her personality became more and more obnoxious as the series went on. She gained so much more than just self confidents as the season continued, she became arrogant and outwardly rude toward the other competitors. When she openly laughed at one of her competitors while they were recieving a negative critique on the runway (during judging), I lost all respect for her. As well as her nasty attitude toward Tim's comments was such a turn-off. Korto had an absolutely wonderful collection! There were so many gorgeous peices, many of which I would love to wear! I believe I would have been just as happy if this designer had won. Leane's collection won me over as well as the judges and she won this season of Project Runway! Her collection looked flawless! I do agree with the comments the judges made that her outfits did blend almost a bit too much so. But the outfits were all high fashion yet wearable. The workmanship looked flawless! Leane does surprise me though....she designs such spectacular clothes but she dresses her own body so simply. I'd love to see her glam up a bit since she is a beautiful young woman!