Project Runway

Season 3 Episode 2

Fit For A Queen

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on Lifetime
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Fit For A Queen

The designers were paired into groups and assigned to design and create a gown for Miss U.S.A. (Tara Conner) to wear for the Miss Universe pageant.

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  • Bleh. I hate Vincent.

    Malan's dress was sick. It looked like melted chocolate and the bottom of the gown was really poorly done. I loved his accent though, it's so sophiscated-British-like, and his Dr.Evil laugh.

    Kayne's dress was awesome. Laura's wasn't that bad either, and she is so presentable, she is completely like Marcia Cross. Uli seems like a good designer too, her dress was just missing the a bit more detail (like Kayne's flowery texture at the bottom of his gown). Kayne, Laura, Uli! The final three at Olympus fashion week!

    I hate Vincent, he picked a different model from last time after totally humiliating her with that stupid hat. And his dresses are totally revolting, in both runway shows so far, yet he's always so proud about them. He was such an a** to Angela and made it seem as though they had the worst dress all because of Angela not cooperating. I hope he gets kicked off soon! Argh.moreless
  • Isn't she lovely? She will be if she wears *my* gown!

    It's always interesting to see what designers can do on their own. However pairing them off can create some even more interesting situations. The challenge was to design a gown for Tara Conner, Miss Kentucky, now Miss U.S.A. and gunning for Miss Universe.

    While the premise of the episode was interesting enough, it was the team pairings that made it memorable. While Vincent and Angela battled it out over Vincent's bland design, Kayne and Robert played to their strenghts. I would have to say that Kayne's experience in designing pagent gowns gave him an edge, and Robert's experience in designing for Barbie helped him to aid Kayne in the best possible way.

    The final products ranged from simple and tasteful, to breath-takingly beautiful, to the down right horrid. It's easy to see while Kayne and Robert won the challenge, and why Malan was sent home. I even found myself tuning in for the Miss Universe pagent on NBC that following Sunday.

    I loved this episode. I'm a total girly-girl at heart and I "ooohed" and "aahhhed" and squealed through the whole thing. It'll be interesting to see if next season's evening gown challenge can top this one.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The guest judges were fashion designer Vera Wang, standing in for regular judge Michael Kors, and the designers' client Miss U.S.A Tara Conner.

    • When the designers were designing the gowns they planned to pitch to Miss USA, Angela lingered hopefully around Kayne, knowing that he designed these kinds of gowns for a living. Kayne declined to choose her when it came his turn to pick. But Angela's foresight was proved when Kayne won.

    • Kayne was the winner of the challenge and gained immunity.

    • The bottom two were Angela and Malan. In the end, Malan was voted off.

    • The teams were as follows (the team leader listed first in each grouping):

    • Tara had to choose seven favorites, and the seven chosen designers in turn choose a partner to help them make their design.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jeffrey: I don't understand Kayne at all, what he's thinking. Unless sherbet has suddenly become an earth tone and not an ice cream, I'm not sure what he's gonna do to explain away that.

    • Malan: When I went to my mother and showed her the sketches, she looked through the first few pages and then she threw them on the floor and said they would never amount to anything and that I should never do that again. Project Runway will give me a chance to show her.

    • Robert: There are enough rhinestones.
      Kayne: Robert, we bought 4 million gross of rhinestones. We will put them on 'til our fingernails bleed!
      Robert: She's a beauty queen, not a disco ball!

    • Keith: Angela? She is transparent as a fucking glass window.
      Vincent: Yeah, no, he's right. She's gonna knife me in the back in a heartbeat. She'll smile up front and she'll put a knife in my back.
      Jeffrey: Give you one word for you to sum her up - feminazi!

    • Vincent: (to Angela) I need you to step three feet away from me.
      Angela: I'll step back a foot and a half, if you step back a foot and a half.

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