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5.5 Welcome to the Jungle Discussion

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    [1]Aug 14, 2008
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    The episode wasn't bad. This is the first episode that Stella didn't grate on me and fortunately for her, she got to work with leather. Blayne is quickly slipping to my "can't stand" list. He tries so hard for spotlight time that he comes off as corny and pathetic. "Holla at your exit door!"

    As to the designs, these are my opinions:

    1. Jerell and Stella-Love it! It was sexy, modern, modest, and sophisticated. Once again the judges disagree with me.

    2. Terri and Suede-Looks great!! It should have been in the top two. Terri scores another one in my opinion.

    3. Keith and Kenley-It was nice. Only two complaints: The dress was almost all skirt with very little blouse and what was with the scarf thing. Perhaps I just didn't care for it because it was a mostly brown outfit on a dark model. Just too much brown. As Michael Knight said in season two, "white just looks good on Black people." Not that brown looks bad, but that much drowns out the wearer.

    4. Korto and Joe-It looked very plain and the evening dress seemed either poorly made or made from the wrong material. I love ethnic looking clothes but it seemed kind of jumbled. With Korto having immunity, Joe should have said something early on about his dissaproval.

    5. Blayne and Leanne-This is the one and only one thing of Blaynes that I have kind of liked so far. I loved the casual shirt and the evening shirt underneath. But khaki shorts? She looks like she is ready to hit the beach, not the office. Points to Blayne for making something that is not nauseating, and dedutions for not following directions. Back to 0.

    6. Kelli and Daniel-The business wear looked very nice and wearable, but once the jacket came off, she looked like a street walker. I like Kelli and I wish that she wasn't eliminated, but the dress was just bad taste.

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    OMG I'm so sad that Kelli left she was one of my fav's I wish Kenley would just go home she gets on my last nerves I mean look she was really rude to Daniel laughing cause he said he had good taste which I think he does but like she has good taste I really havent seen a design by her I really like. My favorite outfit of the night was Jerrell and Stella it was great I wish they would sell a belt like that.
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    I actually really liked Blayne's design, even though it didn't fit the requirements of the challenge, it was well-made, and quite fashionable.

    But I REALLY wish Jerell won, his design was so much better than the fish-scale dress of Keith's.

    And I hate that Kelli is gone, but that outfit was just bad, plain and simple. Maybe she should've just pulled a Carmen and wrapped the material around her model's neck: 'This was the material I was going to use and it seemed much more presentable this way' XD hahaha
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