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Grass is always greener Discussion Thread (might be spoiled)

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    [1]Jul 24, 2008
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    I don't know if I am allowed to post this, but I was surprised that no one posted about last night episode. I read on People Magazine when Tim told that viewers they were going to be mad and boy was he right.

    First of all the challenge was tricky, I know it's a CHALLENGE, but having models shop for fabrics was just bold. That is why so many designers failed miserably. I love it when they include models, but they can find other ways to do that. No one was comfortable with that challenge.

    Okay, Natalie Portman was too cute as a judge, but Suede's dress, I am sorry but I didn't get it at all. I was expecting the judges to say they've seen Stella's dress before, I know I have and countless of tmes. I feel like the group that wasn't questioned was really the one who represented the best and the worst.

    Here's a little note

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    [2]Jul 24, 2008
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    i know what you mean; my favorite dresses weren't in the top 3. i really liked that orange and grey dress by jennifer and the blue ruffly one from terri.

    and now im really starting to wish stella had gone home last week. all i heard out of her mouth was "i dont DO this, i dont WANT to do this... i want leather" AUGH! what did you expect? have you ever seen project runway before?

    was a little bummed that wesley went home. =( he was so cute, of course he's gay lol. his little while chicken legs in those shorts and blazers was hilarious! glad he was able to pick up a man tho. i think its cute him and daniel are dating now.

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    [3]Jul 24, 2008
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    Models picking out fabrics??!! That is just cruel and unusual. I think in todays times Green is the way to go but this is not the way to do it. The outfits should inspire "look what beautiful things can be made from green materials." None of these did. I wanted to see what type of fabrics are considered green and instead we get three identical fabrics, which weren't particularly pretty to begin with. While I enjoy the models participating, didn't we learn from season 1 that they have no taste, so why let them pick the fabric? The designers didn't even get a chance to discuss what to get before the models left.

    I liked Stella's dress, but been there, done that. For the past two episodes she has done nothing but complain. "This isn't good fabric. I want leather. I don't do beach. I don't do draping. I refuse to do something that I have never done before." She has talent but I am sick of her voice. From the looks of next week's show, she will be doing plenty more complaining. Sigh

    As to the outfits, Jerell's was my favorite, but of course he was in the middle ground along with Terri's. They were the best two IMO. When I first saw Suede's dress I was repulsed, but it grew on me by the runway. It should have gotten "honorable mention" but not the winner. Wesley's and Leanne's looked awful. If that really was all of the fabric that Wesley had then I feel for him (although perhaps he could have asked for some extra from one of the other two people with the same fabric). Some of Leanne's loopies were cool, but she went way overboard. All in all I agree with the judges decision to send Wesley home.

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    [4]Jul 24, 2008
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    I also really wish that the focus could have been more on how beautiful the green fabrics could be and less on the models picking out the fabrics. Wesley did get a raw deal, but bottom line, the dress was ugly. I thought it was pretty funny when Nina said (paraphrase) tight plus shiny plus short equals cheap. Hilarious.

    I didn't hate Suede's dress as much as I thought I would, but I don't think that it should have won. And I absolutely cannot stand the third person crap. I liked Teri's dress the best.

    I am totally over Stella. Did she really think that she could come on this kind of show and just make leather outfits week after week? Give me a break.
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    [5]Jul 25, 2008
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    I thought Daniel's black dress and Terri's blue one were cool. The same with Suede's, because when he first began cutting out all those fabric strips and placing them on his dress form, I thought this is going to be some kind of weird, unrecognizable creation, but it turned out to be rather a cute outfit. Overall though I liked Joe's dress the best. He used the same coppery-brown fabric as Wesley and Leanne, but did a better job with it. It's probably more on the "seen it before" side, but it still was really pretty.

    And I so agree with being sick and tired of listening to Stella complain, and boo-hoo about not getting to work with leather. This isn't Leather Runway, it's Project Runway, as in working with different projects. Goodness. When I first saw her on last week's opening episode, I wondered by her look and her rock-n-roll persona if she was to be the female version of Jeffrey. But after these couple of episodes, I'm not thinking so any longer.

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    [6]Jul 25, 2008
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    OMG Suede dress was one of the uglyiest dresses that I've ever seen. Teri's blue dress should have won.
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    [7]Jul 25, 2008
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    I really didn't understand Suede's dress but then again there are times I don't get fashion and think OMG i neverwear that but everyone else in fasion loves it so oh well better than miss leather winning. OMG if I have to hear about leather leather one more time I will scream next week and here we are only two episodes into the season.
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    [8]Jul 28, 2008
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    I liked this episode. I feel sorry for the designers because their models had to pick the fabric, and some of it they couldn't even use!
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    [9]Jul 28, 2008
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    I agree with the judges that Wesley should have went home. The fabric was puckered in too many places around the stitching, and it wasn't as elegant as Joe's, who had the same fabric. I don't think that Suede should have won though - I think it should have went to Kenley, or even Terri. Suede's just looked a little too mishmashed to be evening wear - even looking like a mosaic pizza crust. I did enjoy Blayne's playful teasing of Stella's leather fetish.... "My husband's leathuh.... my kids are all leathuh...." LOL

    Can't wait for the next new episode!

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