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Season 5 Collections (spoilers!)

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    [1]Sep 12, 2008
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    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week took place in New York City this week, with the six remaining PR designers all showing collections. Three of them don't really count (i.e., decoys) since technically they won't be competing in the Final Three. Of course, we won't know who is competing until the finale airs on TV.

    If you'd like to see the six collections that were shown at Bryant Park, please click here!

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    Warning Slight Spoilers in Links....so watch out.

    Yeah, I was reading all about it this morning and the collections look very well done and I can not wait until the final 3 are announced and then the winner. What really got me was the final guest judge announcement, whom I won't say but you can read it here. Also, you can read about it here(usa today)

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