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    I was watching an episode of some show that showed Sweet P interviewing people at Fashion Week.. I couldnt believe my eyes when they showed Leanne and Suede getting their clothes ready and helping models get dressed.. So I guess we know two of the three. I think this was on Bravo or E channel. I guess it was probably just a slip and it wasnt caught.
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    Actually, Leanne and Suede were two of the six designers that showed at Fashion Week. Leanne, Suede, Korto, Kenley, Joe, and Jerell all showed collections there. (You can see photos of the collections here). The reason why this happened was because at the time Fashion Week took place, there were six designers still competing on the show. So, if the top three showed at Bryant Park, then it would have spoiled it for the TV viewers. Basically, there were three decoy collections shown at Fashion Week that won't be competing for the Final Three (Joe was one of them), and we won't find out who is actually competing until the finale airs in October. So the whole thing about the designers "making it to Bryant Park" actually happens for more than three people, but only three will be in the running to win.
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