Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Only six designers are left - Zulema, Nick, Daniel V., Andrae, Santino, Chloe and Kara. As last week's winner, Zulema is asked if she desires to trade models and for the first time on the show, it happens. She asks for three models to walk for her and she decided to trade Rachel for Tarah, Nick's model. The three of them are very upset but Zulema does not care for that. They take a field trip to Michael Kors' office to understand what does it really mean to be inspired by things and are given the challenge: to draw inspiration from things in New York city. They are given cameras to shoot things that gets their attention. Daniel V. takes his first picture before they even leave Michael Kors' office and that is the photo he will use. When they return to the work room, they must decide on what photo to draw inspiration from and have half an hour to sketch their vision before leaving to buy the supplies. Nick is still very upset about having his model taken from him, but eventually decides to turn Rachel into his new muse. Rachel starts to get satisfied because she feels Nick is much better than Zulema to her. Tarah becomes very jealous of them. She is not happy with Zulema's design. The Runway Show takes place and, afterwards, the judges keep all designers on the runway for Q&A. Jay McCarroll is the guest judge for this challenge, and he has a lot to say to Kara about the simplicity of her design. He calls it boring and obvious. He also kept a few words for Santino, saying he used the exact same fabric as Austin did on season one to design the Grammy Dress, and says it did work for Austin just as much as it didn't work for Santino. Nina brings up his inspiration is too common. Another design with many ideas that bother the judges is Zulema's. The only designs with good reviews are Chloe's, Andrae's and Daniel's. Daniel is named the winner and Zulema is eliminated from the show.

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