Project Runway

Season 5 Episode 1

Let's Start From The Beginning

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • Not what I expected for a season permire....

    Exciting to have oneof my favorite shows back so soon and of course to see Heidi and Tim. The challege was great idea and past years the people would have pulled it out strong! But this episode went down hill fast after we metthe contestants. They mostly picked the same stuff and yah they didn't come out very big or give me much to talk about for that matter. And then end of the challenge I even disagree with the judges on who should be sent home. Overall I think the it went from what could have been a great start to a let down for me. I hope these designers kick it up a bit. And let me say I am a ready tired of hearing about leather leather leather.......
  • Season starter, this challenge had the 16 contestants running through a grocery store to shop for some unusual materials to make an outfit. They chose items such as plastic cups, table covers, coffee filters, mops and one contestant chose food items.

    In this season starter the show chose to do a repeat of a challenge used during season one. Making an outfit from products chosen from a grocery store. This is my personal opinion but this challenge only impresses me in the sense of getting a clue as to the extent of imagination the designers pocess. Maybe that is the whole point. But in fashion, I would like to see them use the materials they would use in the actual running of a serious business. I didn't like it in season one and I didn't like it this time around. I do believe the designers in season one did do a better job on this challenge. This episode ranks right up there with the episode, also in season one I believe, where the designers had to take materials from a recycle bin. I just don't see it and I personally don't like it. I prefer to see them dismantle denim pieces and design an outfit as they did in the last season. This made sense to me. I feel challenges like this one are nothing but a source of frustration for the designers and are unfair to them and to the models who also have a stake in this program. I do have to admit the dress made from plastic cups was genious! I would never have imagined that would work. I was really concerned for the model who had to wear it. I'm guessing it was really uncomfortable, probably painful. The garbage bag outfit was really sad. The designer obviously chose the cheapest trashbags on the shelf. I'm not sure what she was thinking...but she did give up too easily. She could have done anything that would have looked better than putting that poor model in that mess! My heart went out to the model and they were right in eliminating that designer. All in all, I do look forward to future episodes, all but the ones that are just too rediculous.
  • They did this one already, and it was a great idea to do it again!

    Viewers experience deja vu when the constants are asked to compete in a challenge taken from season one, which happened to be my favorite challenge so far this series. The food store flashback showed that these contestants obviously aren't as talented as the contestants of the past, with the bottom three all worthy of the high heel kick off of the runway. The judges, including Austin, a favorite from season 1, had to chose between an outfit that appeared to be based on a diaper, a garbage garbage bag dress, and the outfit for a squeeky-clean serial killer. It was a tough choice, but I feel they made the right one. I didn't agree with the winning outfit, however, believing that the ironned cups should have taken the win. But that doesn't matter, the great challenge made the episode better than most first season episodes.
  • The sixteen new designers are presented with their first challenge – make a garment out of unusual materials that one would find in the grocery store. Some suceed and some fail miserably. One is the winner, and one is out.

    Immediately from seeing the diversity of the designers I realized that this could be one of the best seasons of Project Runway. The challenge they were presented with instantly weeded out who should really be in the competition. It seems like the judges are attempting to raise the bar after last season's talent. I believe that their challenge will definitely be met. I would recommend this episode to anyone who loves fashion and appreciates creativity, because this has bucketfuls. This is one of the better more serious reality shows and I think any viewer could appreciate the show for that quality.