Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Only five contestans are left. Chloe, Daniel V., Kara, Nick and Santino. By the end of the episode, one of them will be the winner, and one of them will be out.

This challenge is a little different from the others. Instead of designing for the model, they must design a Makeover for each other. Kara and Santino design for each other. Chloe designs for Nick, Nick for Daniel V. and Deaniel V. for Chloe.

Since Daniel V. was the winner of the last challenge, he has immunity on this one.

A very special guest comes by to help them with their hair and make up. Santino agrees to cut a bit of his hais and shave part of his beard.

Kara, Nick and Chloe have to design menswear, but the girls find it a real challenge.

On the Runway Show, they walk wearing the garmit designed for them, but Santino's design for Kara seems to be falling apart.

When they are called into the runway to defend their designs, the judges question Santino about the fact that Kara's left sleeve is nearly falling off. Heidi point out to Daniel V. he is very lucky to have immunity on this challenge because the garmit he designed for Chole is horrible. Michael Kors tells Nick that the suit he designed for Daniel V. is very feminine.

The designers leave the Runway and the judges discuss their opinions. They seem to like Chloe's and Kara's design very much. They point out that even the hat Santino is wearing was handmade by Kara. Thay also complement a lot the suit that Chloe designed for Nick, althought the back of the vest is pink.

When the designers come back into the Runway, Daniel V. is sent back safe - Heidi makes it very clear it is just because he had immunity - and Chloe is named the winner of the challenge. Kara is sent back to safety with complements. It is left between Nick and Santino.

Heidi tells them what was wrong with their designs, and sents Santino back to safety.

Nick is out.