Project Runway

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on Lifetime

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  • I can't believe it! Not Nick!

    I can not believe that Santino stayed and Nick left. I mean, a poorly sewn one piece jumpsuit had to have been worse than a suit with a poor choice of fabric, right? Nick, Daniel V and Chloe were my top three... I just hope that Daniel V and Chloe make it to fashion week. Santino and Kara just aren't quite strong enough.
  • Bull$#!% (spoiler)

    Do These People Have THIER EYES CLOSED!!!

    This Is why normal people roll their eyes at fashion people.

    Nick made a suit... AN ENTIRE MEN\\\\\\\'S SUIT, and it stayed in one piece (ok four pieces). Sure it had no pockets, sure some of the seams were a bit off, sure it was a bit feminine.

    But Hello...

    Santino made a BrOwN, FrAcKiNg StAR TrEK UnIFORM, that FeLL ApART on ThE RuNWaY!!! he has been on the chopping block for like 5 weeks. He is constantly designing stuff none of the judges like and they are never finished.


    What is the point of this show if they are going to let one designer coast by. Did they go out and find a jump suit designer to be this week\\\\\\\'s guest judge?

    And lastly, it seems everyone is judged on this week\\\\\\\'s outfit. I mean Klum wanted to give Daniel the boot even though he has won 4 fracking challenges. Meanwhile Santino skates through because \\\\\\\"he is showing improvement, and he has vision.

    BULL$#!%... Santino Must Go!

    I tried to write this review in all caps, but wouldn\\\\\\\'t let me.
  • Ew

    I can't believe that the judges chose Santino over Nick. Nick is a much better designer. He knows and cares about how a woman will feel in clothes. Santino doesn't pay any attention. I don't know who the judges were looking at, but Santino's design for Kara was dreadful. It emphasized everything women want to hide. The jumpsuit made her belly look poochy and her thighs and hips looked huge.

    I don't understand why the judges didn't like Daniel's makeover for Chloe. The purpose of a makeover is to make someone look completely different and Daniel did just that. Maybe it didn't fit Chloe, but at least he really made her look totally different.

    I'm so disappointed that Nick's designs won't be at Olympus.
  • Oh, Daniel...

    This was a neat idea for a Project Runway challenge. The designers created new looks for each other. Personally, I thought Santino's ripped jumpsiut was much worse than Daniel's design, but he (Santino) completely lied about everything with that outfit. I love how Heidi made it sound like Daniel V committed some horrible crime the way she said "What you did to Chloe..." I wondered why they didn't do this challenge when there were an even number of designers left so they could pair off and be more efficient... although, if it was simple, it wouldn't be Project Runway. It's a clever episode; watch it if it's on in marathon-form!
  • Aah, we knew it was coming.. First Andrae, 'our little lamb', now Nick!

    Of course it's upsetting that Nick had to leave, and personally I felt that the judges were in the wrong to make him go. However, Michael Kors was absolutley on-point in everything he said about Nick's outfit. It was a poor choice of fabric, and the design did have flaws. He was also in the right when he said that all of Nick's work had a touch of vulgarity in it.. Something I hadn't noticed before, but upon watching the episode, realized was true.

    Santino did a poor job and was arrogant when asked to defend his work. I was ashamed of him, considering that I believe Santino does have vision and does belong in fashion (despite his off-putting demeanor).

    I thought Kara and Chloe did do amazing jobs, and I was glad that they were recognized. HOWEVER, I was disappointed that Chloe won rather than Kara. Chloe did a fair job, but Kara pinpointed Santino's style and made it a hundred times better. There was a certain amount of bias against Kara, I felt, because the judges already thought Chloe was a better designer.

    I was angry at the judges (specifically Heidi) for treating Daniel as they did. They did not take into account how well he did on previous challenges, and how wonderful a designer he is. Chloe did look awful, but that was solely because the look didn't suit her, not because Daniel designed it badly. Even so, one mistake and they almost send him packing? Are you aware of how you're running your show, Heidi?

    Overall, I was unsure about the challenge. I couldn't decide if I liked it or not, which is odd for Project Runway, considering they usually come up with such entertaining ideas. This wasn't my favourite episode and certainly was not up to usual Project Runway standards.

  • The last 5 desginers of the season had to give each other a makeover by designing an outfit for the fellow desginer\\\'s name they drew.

    This episode has not been aired here in SIngapore yet, but I\\\'ve seen the designs online and it was somewhat disappointing. The designers\\\' personalities and uniqueness didn\\\'t quite come through in their designs (maybe some would disagree) but anyway, I\\\'ve seen better episodes for sure :)
    *footnote* my fave is santino\\\'s design for kara janx, and i\\\'m super sad nick lost this round! i wanted to see him at fashion week!