Project Runway

Season 1 Episode 6

Making a Splash

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2005 on Lifetime

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  • A fun challenge of designing swimwear. It didn't have the results I'd like to have seen, but okay overall.

    In the midst of watching this season rerun in a Bravo marathon, I'm thinking it'd be cool to design bathing suits. Challenging, yes, but a lot of fun as well. My favorite suit of the designers was Kevin's. I love the white one piece with the mini-skirt coverup. True, it had little sleeves, but it still resembled enough like swimwear to be considered as such and his concept was rather original. Why the judges didn't like it, I'll never know. They continually asked for the contestants to take risks and design what's not so readily available in the market, and here Kevin presented just that and they scoffed at it.

    It should have not been Alexandra eliminated in this challenge, but Wendy. And why she wasn't forever puzzles me. Her creation looked like a dress, the top seemed way too loose fitting for a swimsuit and it wasn't finished, for the model had to wear her own bottom piece. Alexandra made a nice looking suit (though a too skimpy for my taste), inspired by other designers. Aren't several of the challenges based on what inspires them? Anyhoo, yay for winner Austin. His suit was really pretty, and gotta say, I enjoyed the fake fight between he and Jay at the episode's end.