Project Runway

Season 1 Episode 5

Model Clients

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2005 on Lifetime



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    • Kara Saun: (after Rob splits his head open while showing off for Alexandra) The only thing he's worried about is his hair. He doesn't care about the blood, he doesn't care if he has to have stitches, all he cares about is that they don't cut his hair.

    • Austin: (after Wendy sold him out in the last episode) Wendy, her things have always been just, like gimicky, silly, not flattering. She just doesn't understand, you know, the basics of design. In addition to the fact of being completely out of tune with the world.

    • Jay: (fed up with Morgan, and wanting to tease Nora at the same time) So now that I'm thinking I kind of want to sabotage her. No, if I was doing that I'd be doing what Nora's making. I'd be like, 'Morgan, I've covered your dress in roses!'

    • Morgan: (telling Jay what she wants for her wedding dress that he is designing) Okay, this. The black Versace dress that Cameron Diaz wore for the first Charlie's Angels thing, okay?
      Jay: I don't remember it.

    • Morgan: I'm sooo excited about this, this is the best... whatever you call it, com... challenge! This is the best challenge so far!

    • Tim: (on the difficulty of working with Morgan) Jay, listen to your own voice and tell her there's a reason why she's a model and you're the designer.

    • Morgan: (on not being able to move in her wedding dress) I'm not doing a runway walk down my aisle!
      Anne Slowey: You weren't doing runway here, just walking.
      Morgan: (slapping her own hand) Bad model, bad model!

    • Kara Saun: All you have to do is tell them that the fabric is expensive and they'll automatically like it. Trick of the trade.

    • Robert: I'm extremely sexually frustrated.

    • Morgan: Jay's gonna be my bitch! Ok, I'm so excited about this!

    • Heidi (about the models): I hope you've been good to them... because now they're in charge.

    • Austin: I felt like I was stabbed in the back when Wendy named me. I really did. Because it was complete bullsh*t.

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  • Allusions

    • Jay: She wanted Helmut Lang and this is kind of...
      Morgan: (reminding Jay of the other designer) Slash...
      Jay: Okay, Calvin Klein.

      Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein are both top labels known for their modern elegance, but Helmut Lang uses high-tech fabrics and more detail to highlight his designs, while Calvin Klein is more cally severe.

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