Project Runway

Season 5 Episode 12

Nature Calls

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on Lifetime



  • Trivia

    • Going into Bryant Park, here's how each designer stands:

      All four designers have been in the bottom twice, except Kenley who has been 3 times.
      Leanne's been in the top 3 (including wins) 4 times, Kenley 5 times, Jerell six times, and Korto 8 times.
      Kenley has won one challenge, Leanne and Korto have each won two, and Jerell has won three.

    • As in the last season, no one was eliminated prior to the Finale, but Heidi declared that only three will make it to Bryant Park, depending on the collection they will prepare for the fashion week.

    • Jerell was the winner of this challenge. This marks his third win of the season.

    • The top designers for this challenge were Jerell and Leanne.

      The bottom designers for this challenge were Korto and Kenley.

  • Quotes

    • Michael Kors: (referring to Kenley) I gotta tell you, forget what her clothes look like, with an attitude like that, imagine her response to, if a buyer says, 'I don't like that sleeve', what'll she do, take a knife out and kill them?

    • Jerell: Gardening is really therapeutic.
      Tim: It's therapeutic unless you're Joan Crawford and a control freak and you don't want the bloom to fade.

    • Korto: I don't feel bad for Kenley. She was rude to Heidi, she was rude to Tim. When you have an ugly attitude, it makes you ugly and it makes everything you make ugly.

  • Notes

    • After this episode aired there was a Bravo webisode in which Exexcutive Producer Andy Cohen, Daniel V., and Jack Mackenroth interviewed Kenley on her experience on Project Runway, and more specifically, her behavior. She admitted that her personality is often overly aggressive to the people around her, and that she regrets being harsher towards her fellow designers at times than she meant to be.

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