Project Runway

Season 1 Episode 8

Postal Uniform Challenge

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2005 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the show, the designers were each handed a brown paper package, but told that they were not to open the packages until 6 a.m. the next morning. When they opened their packages, they found that it contained a postal uniform for each of them and they were to spend a day working at the US Postal Service. After which their assignment would be to redesign the uniform, for either Spring or Winter. Last episode, Wendy's critic of Kevin as the project leader did not go well with the rest of the designers. And someone had mischievously drawn an ugly mustache on a photo of her daughter. No one admitted to doing it and Wendy was highly shook up about it. Additionally, she was told by Tim that she was being perceived as being dowdy. More drama ensued when Julia, Jay's model, couldn't make it 'til 5 p.m. and then not at all. Seeing as how Austin had the same body as Julia, Jay settled for Austin to model his designs instead. On the runway, Kara Saun started with a strong showing light weight drawstring pants, handy utility belt and a fur-lined outer vest with nylon shell. It gave a functional but yet appealing outfit that could translate to a uniform for the masses. Robert's design was a tan collared t-shirt with pants that could unzip and turn into shorts. He was criticized as being too unfinished and casual. Austin sent his model down the runaway with a lightweight and breathable rain poncho, which covered up a sleeveless top and cropped pants in stretch cotton. The judges thought that the outfit looked like "Doris Day playing postal office". Wendy's model wore a fitted blouse with waisted seams and bermudas with additional pleats on the side. This was criticized as being too similar to the original outfit by the designers and not flattering for any woman to wear. Finally, Jay sent Austin down the runway wearing a light blue turtle-neck sweater with the US postal logo emblazoned boldly across the back, cotton pants with a metallic weave and a puffy vest. Jay thought that he'd never seen Austin look more butch and the judges agreed. In the end, Kara Saun won the challenge but was not able to get an automatic in for the next round as she would have had an automatic entry in the final 3. Robert and Wendy were the worse two and Robert was booted.

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