Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

On tonight's special episode of Project Runway, the designers came together for a reunion. The four finalists were brought out and you could see a hint of jealousy on Sweet P's face. Rami and Chris say that the experience of having to prove themselves at Fashion Week in order to make it to the finals brought them closer together. We checked in with Jack, who had to leave the show after coming down with a very serious skin infection. He reflected back on the experience, saying that he made the right decision. He was in the hospital for almost a week but is much better now. Project Runway has offered him a spot should he want to return next season. All signs seemed to point towards seeing Jack again in the future! Kevin is teased for making it through Project Runway without turning gay. However, some clips showing a hint of homosexuality run. It's all in good fun, revolving mostly around Kevin's friendship with Jack. Elisa is a little out there and Bravo also broke out a series of clips about her bizarre behavior. Another round of clips was played in honor of Ricky, who seemed to break down at every challenge and in every interview. For a minute, things turn uncomfortable when Carmen starts crying after Heidi asks the group if anyone has been hurt by things that were said about them. The smiles return when a series of clips are shown of Chris's jokes and laughter. Another great clip is shown when Michael Kors loses it during the wrestler challenge, laughing hysterically as the models walked the runway. Heidi's greatest (or lack there of) moments were also shown, where she was tongue tied at times and brutally honest at others. Nina and Michael weigh in on the favorite and least favorite challenge. They loved the hair challenge but hated when the designers attempted menswear. Heidi admits to ranking designs on a scale of 1-5 on her cards during runway. Michael makes notes about what his immediate reaction is to the outfit, as does Nina. At long last, it was time to announce the fan favorite. By a landslide, Christian wins and adds $10,000 to his bank account. Michael Knight, last season's fan favorite, makes a surprise appearance to present him with the giant check. Lastly, the designers weigh in on who they think is going to win the season. They choose Rami for the most part but only time can tell who will be in the final three.