Project Runway

Season 4 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2008 on Lifetime

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  • You're not entitled.

    I liked watching the reunion, but I was throughly upset by Carmen's attitude. She was sitting up there feeling like she was entitled to be missed by the desginers, given some slack for poorly designing an outfit, and allowed to get snippy with people because she didn't get what she wanted. Why is everyone supposed to fawn over you? You weren't there that long and from what they showed of you on the show, you weren't that interesting. Also, didn't like the attitude she copped when Heidi briefly mentioned the outfit that got her put off the show. It's not her fault that you were so stupid to make a jacket(an ugly one to boot) before making a shirt, and then having to send your model out half naked. Who does that!? That's like putting on your jacket(no shirt) and leaving the house, and getting mad at people who tell you look silly. Carmen really made me mad. But everyone else was cool, and I loved how Kevin was cool with being put off when he was. A decent human being can get eliminated and admit they had not done their best work and move on with their life. (unlike some people.)
  • More sweet business than sour went on, unlike in the past.

    This reunion was a more congenial forum than past ones. Which is nice, for I don't like a lot of bitterness to take place. Gotta begin by saying I was happy to see Christian get the fan favorite award, I thought it was much deserving. He has grown on me during the season. In the promos of the show before it began airing, I got the impression he'd be more like a snotty little brat, but he's not, he's fun and cute, with just a little arrogance and a big bunch of fierce talent.

    Also, I was glad to see Jack back and he's doing all right, and hope he continues to do so. Something else I was glad about was a viewer question inquiring as to why Kevin's red prom dress was the worst. I'd wondered that as well. It wasn't the best by far, but really wasn't at the very bottom (Ricky's was). And speaking of Kevin, I wished they'd addressed the time in the Sarah Jessica Parker challenge when she went to shake Kevin's hand after meeting with him over his design for her line, he had turned away and looked as though he blew her off. But I think he just simply didn't catch her making the gesture, and SJP handled it nicely with humor.

    Other things it was fun to see Michael Kors crack up over the WWE Diva challenge, and of course it's always great to see Tim Gunn with all his catch phrases and mannerisms. Now to Bryant Park (and here's to hoping they let both Chris and Rami show their collections, and have four contestants like in season three).
  • Fierce.

    The Project Runway Season Four Reunion was much less tense than other Bravo reality reunions have been over the years. It explored many of the often questioned plotlines of the show, such as Kevin's sexual orientation, Rami's draping addiction, Christian's fierceness, Michael Kors' never changing wardrobe, and Ricky's constant crying.
    Sweet P was an extremely good sport in volunteering that her design in the wrestling challenge was the worst on the entire show. Rami was also very professional in commending Ricky for being so open about his feelings. Christian's being voted Fan Favorite was topped only by the appearance of last year's Fan Favorite Michael Knight! Although I pretty much summed up the entire episode, it is definitely worth watching. Fierce.