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  • Make it work! Fab show with great designers and stars ,very humorous! My boyfriend actually watches this with me!

    LOVE Heidi Klumm! Bummer a few of my fave designers are off(miss you Jack, Kitt and Kevin!) but still as always a great show to watch. All the design-challenges they have to do is just amazing. I would have loved to have any one of them design my prom gown when I was younger. Real cool how you are able to bid at the auction on outfits from different episodes. I have 1 from season 1!!! YEAH ME! You never know what's going to happen next and who is going to complain about the challenge. Every seaon just gets better and better. Keep up the great work!
  • The designers have to create prom dresses for whiny teen girls. Victoria wins and Kevin gets out.

    This episode sucked. I've loved Project Runway since season two, and I know talent when I see it. Daniel Vosovic was my fav in season 2 and Jeffrey Sebelia was my life in season 3. Kevin getting kicked off had nothing to do with his design and all to do with ratings. Somehow, Christian the eternally annoying gets the show more ratings than actually talented designers. Christian's design was hideous. Even Ricky, who cannot help but to bawl his eyes out every single show for no reason, had a boring blah dress. Kevin's was in a fantastic color, had a flattering silhouette, and while it wasn't the best, it was definitely not the worst. So I'm really disappointed that even though the show always leaned toward ratings rather than talent, they blatantly did it this episode. I hope Christian gets hit by a bus and loses all use of his vocal chords. And Ricky's tear ducts crumble to dust so he can never cry like a whiny emo kid again. Kevin had real talent. He should've been in the top three, even win the show in my opinion. Congrats on pretty much losing a fan.
  • Great for aspiring designers.

    You don't have to like designing or be gay to like this show. Like most of the reality shows it is all about the people. A group of weird folks with strange personalities together makes great television. I watched it with my girlfriend and then got hooked. It is interesting. And Heidi is a nice bonus to it. I always say try a show at least once before you give your opinion. Well I did and it is good. Give it a go yourself better than that overrated ER... OH but wait that is for another review... Enjoy Good Fun. AT least a hundred words.
  • Something that I look forward to watching every Wednesday.

    I really love Project Runway. I love learning about the designers, their insperation, the fashions, what the judges think, ect, ect, ect. I used to hate this show, but my mom got me into watching it during the third season. I got really interested in who would win. So, I watched the other seasons and immediatly fell inlove with the show. I loved the sence of humor the contestants had, and the drama! I love the drama. I also like to see the fashions and what they can make in just 24 hours. I'm not really interested in fashion, such as wearing it, but I like seeing what people can make.
  • 15 fashion designers compete to see who will win an opportunity to compete at Fashion Week in NY!

    I really, really enjoy this show! 15 fashion designers compete in this reality tv based competition for an opportunity to compete in the NY Fashion Week. The winner will receive a new car, cash, and i think an apprenticship with a famous studio in L.A.

    This new season is starting out with a bang! There are alot of talented fashion designers and alot of "catty" personalities to go along with them. The challenges are fun and exciting, the clothes are creative, and the judges are usually right on with their decisions. Of course the main reason to watch Project Runway is Tim Gunn!!
  • I totally love this show!

    This show is so awesome! I've watched almost all the episodes and seasons! I totally want to be a fashion designer! It's awesome! Fabulous!!!! I Love This Show!!!! It Is Absolutely fabulous, great, good, awesome, cool, stytlicious, fashionable, a la moda, mode, stunning, runway fashionable, totally cool. Ok i'm running ot of reads but I need to reach my 100 word count!!! lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!! I'm tired of LOLing!!!! see ya later, bye, ciao, aloha, bye-bye, I'm almost there i'm at 85! come on already!!! LoL. this so uncool, I need to get to 100, I made it!!! With flying colors! I got to 109!!!!! Awesome!!!
  • A reality show, centering around designing.

    Personally, I am not one for reality shows, I never understood the appeal of shows like the Amazing Race, Survivor or Big Brother. However, Project Runway has me absolutely fixed on not only the designs and the fashion world, but also the designers. The designs are nearly always beautiful, the projects fascinating. I love watching them create their vision, and for better or worse making it real. The judges though sometimes harsh and I are most often in agreement over a design. A great reality show and television show in general, Project Runway is always worth taking the time to watch.
  • "Make it Work!" The pithy little phrase from Tim Gunn... and it's SO TRUE... these folks do make it work!

    One of the things that I love about this show is the fact that it's a POSITIVE show... Now, please don't take that to mean that there's not 'drama' or 'divas' on this show, because there are... but unlike my impressions of shows like Survivor and Big Brother where you need to scheme to get rid of other contestants, the designers on Project Runway create things.

    Like the Barbie doll challenge... there is something produced from this... or, with the Macy's challenge, I was able to go into Macy's and see the garments... wow. That's what I'm excited about.. it's a creative 'creation' show... and sure folks get catty and b*tchy, but that's to be expected.
  • Literally a trend setter! Clothes, show, and television all in one! I love it y'all. I really like to watch people sew. It is cool watching them create works of beauty but some of them are really stupid retards. I am like whoa!

    Love the show all around. My dad was watching it with me for like ten minutes to see what it was like and he heard this one guy named Kaye talking and he was like," Oh my god he is definitely gay You can hear it in his voice." I was like your right dear papa he is really quite the quire. Yeah awkwardness to the max. I have to seriously go take a shower. Like right now. I am serious. Right now. So I am going to go take a shower now and have a good life. Bye bye!
  • For anyone who wants to be a fashion designer or craves insight into the world of fashion, this is your show!

    Project runway is so inspirational, when that you find a designer that you really want to win. Following the design process and seeing the different outcomes of the same guidelines is really neat too. The show can be amazing when the designers put thought and character into the pieces they create. Getting a behind the scenes look at how garments are created is such a cool experience. Also, the different guest judges on the show are awesome. My favorite so far was when Sasha Cohen judged, and all the contestants were forced to work with unfamiliar fabrics and glam up the usual dull skating leotard. Also, all the designers had to make a pageant dress for Tara Conner which required a lot of embellishments and thoughtfulness. All in all, this is a really great show that more people should watch!
  • Perfect, the best reality show, ever.

    Perfect, the best reality show, ever. For once a show where people with talent can actually do something. Not to mention- the drama, the clothes! Fabulous! I love watching them come up with the outfis each week and those eliminations, so utterly suspensful! All in all, an, no the only, A+ reality tv show.
  • Hey, it's better than Flavor of Love!

    Ok, I am not here to tell you how Project Runway is going to change your life and rejuvenate your belief in whatever religion you have chosen for yourself, but honestly Project Runway is a good time. Out of all the reality television that is out there at the moment, at least Project Runway has people actually performing a function based on their skill. Fashion design is inherently interesting, I mean we all wear clothes and what we wear is based on what people similar to those featured deem fashionable. The challenges are a bit fantastic, but let's not lie to ourselves, we all want to see Tommy Hillfiger have to root through a trash bin to make a new suit. Heidi is interesting and engaging, Michael Kors is fun, Nina Garcia is the necessary tough-as-nails woman, and the guests are entertaining enough. It isn't going to enlighten you at all, but it is a good time and better than a lot of television out there.
  • this is absolutely fabulous!!!

    who would have thought that a show like this could work?? a show about designers making fabuluos clothes for the price of being the next big american fashion designer.. the creators of this show are genuises.. this is reality TV in its finest..

    Project Runway is so cleaverly made.. from choosing of the contestants to the challenges it is ovious that it is well thought off.. it makes watching every episode a weekly fix! the excitement of the show is what I long for when I don't watch it.. and the absolutely gorgeous Heidi Klum didn't help either.. I just love this show.. much more seasons to come!!
  • A much needed addition to the already crowed world of reality TV.

    I absolutely love this show. Between Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, I just can't get enough.

    I know nothing about fashion, what is what, or how this is that, or what kind of material is good or bad.. and I don't need to know any of that to watch it either. Most of the time I disagree with judges Nina Garcia or Micheal Kors (which again shows that I know nothing about fashion) but that doesn't stop me from tuning in. Every week I grab my Pepsi and popcorn and sit down to watch the drama unfold. I cheer at the top of my lungs for the outfits that give me goose bumps, and dry heeve over the ones that remind of me why I don't own a sewing machine.

    Heidi often says, "You're either in or you're out", and as long as this show is on the air, consider me in.
  • This is one great show!

    When I first hear of project Runway I didn't really think that something like this could really work out, soon I was mistaken! This is one of the best reality shows ever. It is so interesting because I never though that a show could be created by people making clothing. The clothing made by the contestants were absolutely awesome! they looked like they were made by known artists! the contestants didn't only have potential though, they had great senses of humors and they were great to watch because they all either got along or were bickering toward one another which makes great reality. I unfortunately don't have bravo anymore but I loved to watch it! This is definitely one of the best!
  • FIVE STARS ***** GREAT SHOW ! Amazing designers, amazing challenges... Let's hope producers will soon have a celebrity’s web auction with Project Runway challenge clothes.

    Amazing designers, amazing challenges... Let's hope producers will soon have a celebrity’s web auction with Project Runway challenge clothes.

    I enjoy every minute of this show. Each challenge seems so impossible, and yet by the end of the day some beautiful garments are made.

    My favorite designers amongst Winners are:

    Next in my closet: Jeffrey Sebelia - season 3
    A twisted mind, with very sure taste. Just what I love !

    Loved: Jay McCarroll - season 1
    Very original work presented at Olympus Fashion week. It's a shame in September 2007, the show was less powerful.

    Was not very impressed by Chloe Dao - season 2
    Boring colors, boring shapes! Hated the shoulders & boleros.
  • Project Runway!

    I love this show just because it gives you a glimpse into the fashion industry. I am an Apparel and Textiles major, and it is nice to see a show that is right up my alley, and has to do with everything that I love. Watching Project Runway is like taking a look into what the furture is holding for me. I love finding out what the next challenge is and seeing how the designers create a new look from a simple idea. I love this show!
  • My complete all-time favorite!!!

    I started watching this show towards the end of season 1 and got hooked. I watched until the end of season 1 where Jay won, and I then started watching the re-runs. Ever since then I haven't missed any of it. Then came the second season where I watched it right from the beginning, and my favorite designer Chloe won. I was excited about that one even more. Then the 3rd season Jeffery won, and I personally think all three were the underdogs of each season. Jay with his quirky style, Chloe being thought to have just one style, and Jeffery making crazy outfits the others wouldn't even think of. But he did have the best technique than the others I think. But I like this show because like on SYTYCD the people can showcase their talents. Even without comming in first they can have so many more opportunities. But we get to see how these designers can handle themselves under pressure. But this gives us an idea what they really can do when things need to get done. I love all the different techniques, and ideas that all these different people have. But it's crazy trying to get all these people together, and not think their isn't going to be some kind of fight. But I guess that's the point of reality tv. You get to see people's real emotions and not just a scripted, acted reaction. I just can't wait till the next season to see what kind of new, crazy ideas they can come up with for the designers to base an idea on. Then turn it into a wonderful fashion creation.
  • I love this show! Heidi Klum is the best thing on the show and is so cute and perfect to be the host... i love her accent!

    I love this show! Heidi Klum is the best thing on the show and is so cute and perfect to be the host... i love her accent!

    Tim Gunn is also perfect for the show... Make it Work! i love that saying... he makes the show as some of you would agree with me...

    Nina Garcia is so cute too... she's having a baby! thats so cute! except even though she is "Fashion Editor of Elle Magazine" she doesnt look it her hair is always a little messy in my opinion but i still love her and the show...

    Michael Kors is hilarious... i love him and agree with everything he says...

    If anyone of them werent on the show i wouldnt watch it... jk i would but still i love it...

    I loved this passed season but i thought that Uli shouldve won not Jeffrey but i still like him... i just would've preferred Uli to win...
  • I love it

    it is a good show in which I have just started wacthing this seaon and am glad the my friend introduced it to me. I have not really much to say except I have to keep writting till I reach a hundred so o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o I will see
  • love it, love it, love it!

    Show absolutely amazing have to see it every week! I'm like clock work when the season is on TV. I do think that last season that Michael and Laura were my favorite although Uli had good work! I did think that the last four were not very different with their work the only one that changed their style every time was Michael. I hope that best for him because he did a wonderful job every time. Laura made her clothing classic and elegant. If I were going out for a fancy night out I would want her work draped across me. If I were going some were fun and hot I would want Uli to make that outfit. If I were going to a party I would want Michael to make all my outfits he knows how a woman's body works with clothes. Jeff had a different out look on clothes and there styles but they were always eye catching so i suppose that he came through at the end and delivered. Congratulations
  • "One day you're in, the next day you're out."

    I love Project Runway. It is one of the better reality shows out there. I've been a fan since it's very first season.

    Every week I love seeing what new challenge they have to face and the wearable art these fashion designers create. It amazes me how talented these unknown people are. Getting to see a runway show every week is great.

    They always pick a variety of interesting people to compete. It's easy to choose your favorite person aesthetic-wise and personality-wise. The drama they inevitably get into is fun television viewing too. And they have the show regulars that keep things interesting as well: Tim, Heidi, Michael and Nina.

    I've really enjoyed every season so for and look forward to many more to come!
  • Funny, intentionally kitschy, dramatic and actually showcases real talent rather than just a luck-of-the-draw situation.

    I wanted to hate it, really, I did. However, after Season 1 I was officially a Project Runway addict. The thing I like about this show is that it isn't just like other reality shows. It has contestants who are actually TALENTED, who can do things other than just cause drama, though there is plenty of that. My favorite part is when they make garments that are truly horrendous (like everything Santino ever made) and we, the audience, get to relish in the badness. We know it's bad, the producers know it's bad, the other designers know it's bad but the designer themself has no clue. They think it's the best thing since sliced bread. Definitely hilarious and addictive. One of my favorites.
  • Surprisingly amazing show rocks! Michael and Uli are my favorite designers!

    I must say that I know absolutely nothing about the fashion industry. But this show kept my attention from the beginning. I did not see any parts of the first 2 seasons, but wow! I cannot wait to see Michael fashions in a Macys window, and Uli designs were hot to death. Now I actually am looking forward to season 4!
  • What happened with the Judges last night? Congrats to Jeffery but he wasn't the best there!!!

    To me, this is an example of the producers "helping" pick the shows winner. Uli by far had the best collection!! Michael had the most creative collection, Laura of course, had a blah collection. Jeffery had some disasters come down that runway! Maybe they didn't want to choose Uli or Michael because they were the crowd favorites. These two will have a very good career in fashion as long as they stay true to themself. Laura will make great clothes but under/next to a good designer with fresh ideas. I guess I didn't see Jeffery's range, it was some of the same ole same. Maybe he won because he actually needed it more than the two front runners Mike and Uli, who are going to be known designers for years to come. Congradulations Jeffery! Time to party like a rock star, a sober rock star!!!!
  • Much better than America's Next Top Model.

    I decided to sit down one day and give this show a try. I was actually extremely surprised to find that I liked it and found it interesting. Much better than most of the other shows out there, America's Next Top Model and American Idol. This show is somewhat realisitc and chooses decent people to watch. This show does not contain much fluff like all the other ones do. Overall, fun to watch on a night when you are bored and really need something to do. I can see why so many people love and it and this actually deserves to be on tv.
  • I have been watching this show from the beginning. I must say the talent on this season's shows is better than in the past.

    Show's good as always... Heidi rocks!But why has Jeffrey stayed on? The man is mean, lacks any kind of talent, all his sh*t looks like punk-rock-a-paloosa! Another Santino all over again! Get rid of him... The blonde chick that got voted off should be in his place instead...Michael has great taste, tries to push it a bit sometimes, but he knows the woman's silhouette well, and the red-head Mommie is stylish and sleek. Uli, the German chick shows great potential. In the end I think the red-head will win...GET JEFFREY OUT!!! I know you must keep him there for ratings, but puh-leeze! Toss him!
  • Wow, was I pleasantly suprised!

    I am not a big reality show fan. I do watch Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Cash Cab, and a few others. I had never seen Project Runway until yesterday. Bravo ran the full season 3. I was home and there was nothing else on, I had heard good buzz about the show, so I decided to watch.

    I have to admit it was captivating! I thought the contestants on Top Chef were brutal, they are ammatures! The level of animosity on this show was palpable.

    I have to admit, I do not know anything about the nuance of clothing design, and my guesses as to who would win were pretty much way off, but I have to say that I have penciled in the finale on my calendar.
  • One of the better reality shows

    Project Runway is a really great reality show. It's not about most reality shows now, about people in a house living together. In order to be on this show, you actually need to have skill or you will leave really quickly. Its also nice to see what kind of garments these people come up with. A brilliant show that will hopefully survive after the end of the reality TV boom.
  • This is one of my favorite show i watch every wednesday after i get home from church so i thank you for that.Iam one of those people that dont go no where by my self,i dont go close shoppin at all my sister dose that for me.

    I like watch this show i like some of the cloth they make and some i dont,like jeffery cloth they are just to hard rock for my tast buds.Micheal cloth i like but he did have a bad week on that blue dress he made over in paires france the only thing that was wrough was to mush on top i love the rest.And for vencen his clothes was not even there for me.And for anglia there was only one thing she did that i liked and that was the one where she teamed up with micheal and that other lady i can not remember her name.
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