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  • This is one of my favorite show i watch every wednesday after i get home from church so i thank you for that.Iam one of those people that dont go no where by my self,i dont go close shoppin at all my sister dose that for me.

    I like watch this show i like some of the cloth they make and some i dont,like jeffery cloth they are just to hard rock for my tast buds.Micheal cloth i like but he did have a bad week on that blue dress he made over in paires france the only thing that was wrough was to mush on top i love the rest.And for vencen his clothes was not even there for me.And for anglia there was only one thing she did that i liked and that was the one where she teamed up with micheal and that other lady i can not remember her name.

    I swear its like a virus...I started watchin season 2 after my best friend got me hooked on season 1 and I have been platered to the television every wensday night ever since. This season has BY FAR been the most crazy and they have thrown every curve ball at the viewers that can be thrown which is absolutely insaine! From bringing back voted off designers to having 4 designers at fashion week, by far...SEASON 3 is amazing...however I still love my Daniel V...he's my fav forever! But CHEERS to another BIG SEASON for Project Runway!
  • The best show on TV!

    I love this show because they keep it simple. They don\'t go crazy with silly challenges like some of the other shows. It\'s clean and simple. The best outfit down the runway wins, the worst outfit goes home. Also, the host and the judges don\'t get in the way and try to steal the spot light. They let the talent of contestants and the drama of the competition shine. I\'d say if you\'re not watching this show, set your tivo! Get a season pass! You\'ll be hooked after the first episode. It\'s good clean fun for the whole family...even dad might like this show!
  • I love this show!!!

    This show is great. I am a self proclaim Reality TV Junkie, but this one stands out. The contestants actually have talent, not just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I love seeing the runway show, and Tim Gunn.... I love him. Heidi is cute too. I hope Michael wins the whole shebang, I guess we will see.
  • The "American Idol" of Fashion

    The thing I love about Project Runway is that the challenges make the designers to think outside of the box and puts them a somewhat even playing field. One designer might be a pro with tayloring exquisite jackets but can't make a bathing suit to save his life. Another designer might have been able to execute beautiful garments but has trouble sketching an idea to pitch it to a potential client. Each week I come back anxious to see what curveball has been pitched. I also appreciate that it focuses so much more on the process of designing and garment creation instead of highlighting so much of the personal drama, as the UK version Project Catwalk does. In the third season, mentor Tim Gunn has become a bit of a parody of himself, but that doesn't stop me from tuning in to see him give his words of wisdom!
  • A fun and creative show!

    I really enjoy watching this show! The challenges are interesting and anyone who enjoys watching drama can tune into this show, even the models have some drama. The show may drag on at times but it is fun to watch the outfits being put together and sent down the runway. Laugh at the funny outfits, ponder at some of the crazy outfits, and be marveled at the gorgeous outfits. I recommend this show for any fan who likes reality television, anyone who wants to go into fashion or anyone who loves Hedi Klum! I hope everyone enjoys the show as much as I do!
  • I love this show!

    The models selected a famous person by seeing a picture and the designer must make an updated outfit, which will show everyone how much they know about what the star would wear today. The designers have a budget for materials and went shopping, which is interesting to see what colors and material they purchased to design the outfit. I was amazed that Bradley had never heard of Cher and part of the entertainment of the show is how well or not well the outfit looks on the model. The judges select a winner, Michael and a loser who goes home, which Bradley had to go home for being clueless about Cher
  • This show started out as an original reality series that amused me greatly. But in its recent season has been less than amusing.

    Project Runway is currently in its third season, and I can't lie to you and say that they keep getting better. Because this show started out great but has been steadily declining. The first season was one of those shows that i couldn't bare to miss. The second season was ok. But i find the third season boring and unoriginal. I also would have liked to see a change in the judges. All in all this show is not as good as the first and is probably looking at its last season. So if you're looking for a good show to watch i'd look again.
  • Really like the show but I think they missed the boat on the last episode.

    I was really disappointed with the last episode. I started watching the show with my daughter about two months ago. I really feel like the judges missed the boat on the last show. They voted off Allyson. I felt that Vincent was hands down the worst design. I also felt like he was rude and had disrespected the judges. The wierd thing is they seemed to like the fact that he thought they didn't know what they were talking about and that he had alot more talent then they did. I can only assume that they kept him on for the ratings. He is definately the most hated designer left. This show needs to be careful or it will lose alot of viewers.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW...i love fashion, i love designing clothes and project runway has both! i look forward to every episode and i always end up getting excited to see the next one. the designers are great and the competition is fierce and i love the drama...all the challenges have nasty twists and i love how the designers think of creative ways to survive them. i think this show is a great opportunity for designers to show the world what they have to offer and a good training ground for them to survive the cutthroat fashion industry. this show rocks!:)
  • Another straight male who loves this show!

    Yes, I'm proud to admit I love this show. Not only am I not a very big fan of fashion, but I generally abhor reality TV. Well this falls into both categories, but I absolutely have to catch it when it airs on Wednesday nights, even though Bravo replays it throughout the entire week. How refreshing it is to watch a reality show in which the contestants display actual talent and creativity, not some pop-teen version of it. Hurray, Project Runway!
  • pretty good

    i have to say i was surprised that i liked this show. my friend talked about it all the time and she was obsessed. i was flipping channels and i decided to watch it. i really liked it and i have been watching it for about a month kno. i hate laura!! she is so mean. i really like kayne and uli. i want one of them to win. the challenges are really cool. they are very funny to watch. i like to watch the models on the runway at the end because its cool to see how the outfits came together. good show.
  • This is a one-of-a kind show! It is one of the most interesting shows on TV.

    An amazing reality show. The contests are always interesting and different, and the contestants are always strange and unique. This show most have amazing writers because the challanges always keep getting better and better. Heidi Klum is a great host and the producers can always get some great judges and clients for the contestants.
    Project Runway provides an excellent opportunity for amature designers. The show can give the contestants an crash course on fashion and the prizes for the winner can really boost his/her career so I think that it is an excellent show.
    Runway is also really entertaining to watch, because the contestents always flip out or make really good dresses, or really bad ones.
  • i love this show!

    I absolutley love this show!! I started watching it this season, after watching all day marathons from seasons one and two. I really liked the show, and loved daniel from season 2! ( he should have won) I decided i would watch it this season and have completely loved it for the first 3 episodes. i love when they have to design the outfit for a certain person, such as miss usa, who was in the second episode. the only thing i do not like about this show is taht it is on at ten, and ends at eleven, so i can only sometimes stay up to watch it, since i am only 13.
  • Project Runway is a 'American Idol' Show of fashion.

    Project Runway always surprises me and gets better every season.

    Project Runway is sort of like a 'American Idol' Show of fashion. Most of the time if viewers tend to not like the show is because they are not a big fan of fashion.

    What is most entertaining is seeing the designers, and they just make the entire show funny.

    Very dramatic, and very entertaining.

    Some of the judges choices I may not agree on, but they are experts.

    One of the best shows dealing with fashion, and I am a big fan of some of the designers. Every designer gets a fashion spread in Elle Magazine.

  • Supermodel Heidi Klum's survivor like show set in the world of fashion.

    The models are gorgeous, judging one better from the other is painful. But watching the show is even more painful. This show is boring. Survivor madness have gotten malignant and its infecting cable tv. It's like watching a fashion show that goes on for a season. No time for that. If you're not into fashion, then you're definitely don't want to watch this show. It'll save your time if you take my advice. The show is successful though, no doubt about that. It's just not a good show. There is nothing in it worth watching. Another air time wastage for cable.
  • Well worth watching!

    Great Show, as in all reality TV show, this one takes real people, places them with people they cannot work with and lets them have at it. Sounds like the work places to me. The designers are good, maybe not as creative as one would like, but the ones that stand out will go far. Please if your are a designer going on a reality show learn some basic sewing it makes for good TV but not real life.

    Of course when a designer drops a model the drama continues as well as in the studio.
    The judges are fair and no holds bar some of the best in the reality business. Keep it up guys.

    Who knew that watching designers create clothes from coffee filters to mattress pads could be so fun? Bravo that’s who! It’s worth watching again and again. It is addictive.
  • grat show, fun watching who makes the prettiest dresses and who gets kicked off!

    I love watching hos they turn plain fabric to pretty pretty dresses. I wish i had that kind of talent... plus love the dramas with the whole cast. It's fun watching them get so worked up and all. Heidi got her body back after having a baby and she's so fun to watch too!

    I like the cast from last season's project runway. I don't really have a favorite in the season but have many i sort of dont like so its fun watching if they get kicked off for their ugly and hideous outfits they create! There's always drama!
  • you\'ve got to be kidding

    i am so sick of reality tv. this one is one of the dumbest i have seen so far. are there that many people out there that really care about this show. i think that the only thing people would watch it for is they like to watch people piss and moan about things that have no meaning at all.
  • I like Project Runway because of how they have to make a well desined and well made clothing and it has to be all done in a couple of hours.

    Project Runway is a very interesting show because you getto see the designers make such beautiful clothing or some not so beautiful clothing. Every challenge is very different from the others. Also some designers are really good in some things but not good in others. So you don't now who might get out because you don't know how good they really are until the clothes comes out so you can judge how they look and if it was relating to the challenge.
  • great to watch the design unfold before your eyes!

    thsi is a great show because it shows how hard it is to just design one piece of clothing that everyone wears. it also shows how the stress gets to you and how everyone is different and unique from everybody else. i also just love the way that producers had models be a part o fthe project runway so its also benifitual to them also.
  • This is the BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD! The shows that this is in the catagories for in the emmy's are all good, so people overlook how amazing this show is. I love it, all my friends love it, YOU love it, so just make sure that you vote for it. :)

    This show is about a group of designers that compete in outragous ways to see who is the best. On the line, is their business success. Most of them act crazy, and it's funny. The gay guys in the show are amazingly funny, expecially when Tim Gunn, the man who supervises them while they are making their fashonable clothes, is in the room. This show can be overshadowed by the other shows in its group, so it gets less attention, and it's mostly women who like it, but it is talked about constantly. Viewers start to hate some designers because of their behaviors (such as santino) but now that there is a whole new group, we don't know what to expect.

    so watch project runway, and vote for it for the emmy's.
  • Great show, Terrible judgement!

    I absolutely love the show! I am not into fashion, but this show is outstanding! The designers are funny and creative and Tim is the cutest thing on Earth!

    HOWEVER, I think that the elimination judgement is awful! I mean, Michael, Heidi and Nina are there to decide the actual future of the contestants and I think they should judge them according to the entire process on the runway, not only the challenge in question! I hated, in season 2, when Nick was eliminated! That was his 2nd time on the runway! Santino, however, was every single week among the last 2 and went to Fashion Week! Totally unfair!

    And Chloe winning? Come on, people! Daniel V. did an amazing job all the way to Fashion Week! He earned the winning! Totally unfair!
  • I hate fashion, but I love this show.

    I'm not one to dissect the latest fashion trends. In fact, I don't even know what the latest fashion trends are. I abhor the Style Network and can only read the five percent of any women's magazines not concerning lip gloss and handbags.

    I despise reality television. Perhaps that is because I despise reality. The only reason I watch television is to escape from reality.

    I was shocked when I became addicted to Project Runway. My very girly sister got me hooked. She rules the remote, so my whole family is forced into watching what she likes. After the first episode of season two, I was ready for reality show rehab.

    I've never understood why I was drawn to such a show, until I read a magazine review of Project Runway. The review said that Project Runway captures the creative process. I am a very creative person and I enjoy watching the creative spark in others. This is what I see in Project Runways. I am watching regular people turn a concept into a piece of art, albeit with glitter.
  • Finally, a reality show that has a point and actually interesting. Original and fun to watch, Project Runway gives unknown fashion designers the chance of a lifetime to make it big in the industry.

    I'm not a reality tv fan, but Project Runway is very enjoyable for me. The contestants are very talented, and the challenges the show provides are tres creative. Of course, the small feuds between the designers will always be entertaining. Its good to see a reality show that gives people a chance to live out their dreams and make it big, instead of the usual dating or cameras-follow-you-around type that have been stuck down America's throats for a long, long time now.
  • my mom watches this crud while i hate it

    i don't know why my mom likes this show. to me it's crud. it does not make sence. it just gives people who make clothes a bad name. i mean the themes the people who make the show are so not cool or intresting. i am just saying i don't like this show
  • Very good reality show

    Project Runway is a reality tv show where 16 designers compete to win prizes, $100,000 to start their own line, a spread in Elle magazine, and the title of top designer.
    The judges are supermodel, Hiedi Klum; fashion designer, Michael Kors; and director of Elle magazine, Nina Garcia. There is also a guest judge in every episode. Sometimes the guest judges pick the winning design to wear.
    This is a great show. It's interesting to watch the designer's and to see how talented they are at creating something great. A MUST SEE!
  • I can understand why people enjoy this show so much. It's really a wonderful show!!!

    I don't have expanded cable, and I was finally able to get Season 1 of Project Runway on DVD. I now understand why people enjoy this show. It's a different reality television show, and you have to admire the people who have this wonderful talent. I never read much about the show, so I had no idea who the participants were. I liked Kara Saun, Jay, and Austin the most. Wendy annoyed me after a while, and really did not deserve to be in the top three. I felt Austin deserved that spot. He wore make up better then I did!!! LOL

    Vanessa was another person who annoyed me, and during the scene when she got all upset during the reunion show, she showed, she could dish it, but when it was handed back to her, she could not handle the stress!!!

    This is really a wonderful show you can't help but get addicted too, and I hope season 2 is released on DVD so I can view that as well.
  • So addicting! I watched one episode and was hooked!

    Project Runway is on Bravo, which I don't usually watch. However, my mom and sister both were watching it one night, and I decided to switch over during the commercials of my show to see what all the fuss was about. I was fascinated. Although I was a little late (considering it was season two... I have yet to see season one), I quickly caught on to the people and their personalities and the way things were usually done. By the end, I was rooting for Daniel V. to win, and was only slightly dissapointed when Chloe did. Now, I anxiously await a season three.
    Overall show grade: A
  • A Good Show

    I don't really dig these kinds of reality shows 'cause I'm not really interested in fashion. When I watched this, it was an ok show, but as I watched it more, I learned to like it. Even as a guy, you can still appreciate the show, even if you're not interested in fashion (like me). It's fun to watch people competing against each other and each episode will make you want to watch the next one already.
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