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  • Snarky back stabbing hilarity/reality in the world of fashion.

    This show is genius--pure unadulterated genius. Out of all of the reality TV shows out there, Project Runway demands a level of creativity that has never been seen before as well as opens people's eyes to the fashion industry and how just picking out pretty fabric and making a skirt is just a very very very tiny piece of the overarching insanity that is fashion design.

    And the season finale was the most fun I've ever had watching TV.
  • Project Runway chronicles a weekly fashion competition between designers to make the best designs under different challenges (limited materials, celebrity runway outfit, etc.) The show culminates in a runway show and an elmination where the worst designe

    Project Runway chronicles a weekly fashion competition between designers to make the best designs under different challenges (limited materials, celebrity runway outfit, etc.) The show culminates in a runway show and an elmination where the worst designer is cut. All the drama of a reality show and a great competition.

    The reality cast of this show and the competitive nature of the competition make this show a gem among reality shows that often seem contrived and simple. These people are good at what they do and work hard to compete each and every week. Plus, the results are apparent at the end of every show, before long you'll find yourself rooting for your favorite designers and wishing the plague on the designer's you hate.

    All of the designers are characters and fun to watch. The casting director should be applauded.

    Heidi Klum - Supermodel Hostess and Judge

    Robert Plotkin - Pretty boy whose mediocre designs are bolstered by his charm.

    Wendy Pepper - Ruthless, dramatic cut-throat you'll love to hate.

    Kevin Johnn - Exacting and snippy passive aggressive personality.

    Starr Ilzoher - Doe-eyed underdog that you will hate to see fail so fantastically.

    Vanessa Riley - Quirky and Entertaining British lady.

    Jay McCarrol - Wonderfully witty and terrifically nice person with a very punk vibe.

    Kara Saun - Professional and kind. You'll love her work and respect her great personality.

    Austin Scarlett - He's the gayest gay man ever. Every dress looks like it was made for Audrey Hepburne. He's amazingly talented and his own personal fashion is at least as interesting as the clothes he makes.

    Nora Calguri - Talented, but young and erratic. You'll love her clothes and her tantrums.

    Alexandra Vidal - Beautiful and professional. Her clothes and her demeanor are the archetype that many of us imagine when we imagine a designer.

    Their interactions are great. The competition is amazing and fun to watch. It's all the fun you get from seeing crafts come together in a show like "Trading Spaces" but with an ongoing competition filled with entertaining personalities. If you like reality television then I highly recommend trying on this nouvre coutre.
  • Well I now that's its over, it's kinda upsetting that austin was kicked off! But Jay won and his collection was fabulous! But i still wonder who did draw on Wendy's daughter's face very interesting!

    Well the season finale...Wendy's collection awful I'm sorry it was okay at first was to, to flattering, but then the see-through dress...awk. Although Austin had been kicked off he was very talented, and I loved his work! But Jay did deserve to win, his collection was the nicest out of the three!
  • Better than it should be

    I never would have heard of this show if it was not for the Costume/Makeup Theater class I took last year to get out of having to take Math. Every Wednesday my teacher would show the latest episode in the series, and despite myself (and the fact I was more of a TA than a pupil in the class) I found myself really getting into the show. It tries to be like "survivor" but the fact that it doesn't reach "surivivor" statsis is just what I like about the show, its like walking along the beach and finding a new sea shell, that is pretty, enteratinaing, and priceless. While I doubt I'll watch the second season, I am glad that the show was created to give me a chance to see how cutthroat that world can really be.
  • I adore Project Runway, which is a show that gives real artists a chance to excel in their chosen field – fashion.

    Reality show contests that focus the competition on actual talent often make good television, and although they don’t raise the same social issues as the experiments - human interaction, failure, and success are topics just as worthy of attention. I adore Project Runway, which is a show that gives real artists a chance to excel in their chosen field – fashion. The contestants are not type cast (ala The Real World). They’re judged on the merit of their talent, not filling a specific role for intended dramatic effect. Project Greenlight is another strong example of competition focused reality television.

    Where the reality competition falters is when it becomes a spectacle rather than a contest. American Idol, for instance, is more focused on the spectacle of what is happening rather than the talent involved. The Apprentice also falls into this category.
  • Heidi is so not funny that its funny.

    Heidi is so not funny that its funny. She might have the world's highest paid legs but she's not a host and its just so painfully obvious. She has the personality of last season's Jimmy Choo's. The designers on the other hand are Fab. esp Austin. If only the producers focused on the designer's more, like what materials they picked and why, what was their inspiration and why, why they pick which model... we could learn so much more. Instead we have a dumbstick telling us that "In fashion, you are either in or out" Heidi Darling... YOU are SO OUT. Please let someone else in the limelight would you?
  • wached every episode with same interest every time apeared something new it was absolutely briliant al the 5 series kept me in front of the tv. Without doupt is the best show from its class very good work always introducing n ts that kept the story going.

    wached every episode with same interest every time apeared something new it was absolutely briliant al the 5 series kept me in front of the tv. Without doupt is the best show from its class very good work always introducing new elements that kept the story going. I enjoyed every episode and i watch it again without regrets.
  • Whoa now...

    I am almost embarassed to admit that I watch this show. I tried NOT to watch this season but I have to! LOL I love all the drama and I love to see what all these crazy bit*hes and queens design. Some of those queens are so over the top and outrageous that I laugh out loud. Gay men are so funny sometimes!
  • awesome

    This show is great its smart people, doing what they love and even being a little bitchy. Project runway is intresting with new projects every episode. I love that these people have a dream of becoming famous designers and are attempting to make that dream a reality. These designers have a great talent, eventhough i dont love everyones taste on the show, i do love the finished products.
  • Fashion designers compete in a variaty of challenges and one is eliminated each week based on the weaken of his or her designs. The final 3 contestants get to create a collection and have a runway show during fashion. There is also competition amongst the

    This show is a cut above most reality shows. Not just based upon drama, it also has at least one foot solidly grounded in the talent of its contestants. This is a great show for people who have taste (whether good or bad) because you can have your own opinion on the strength of the designs.
  • This show is the best!

    I cannot believe how great this show is. I missed out on the first season ( I did not like the one who won anyway) but this year is so fun. I look forward to Wednesdays even more now with Lost and PR on the same night! Don\'t miss this fabulous show!
  • Nora's the best, i live this girl!! she's all perfect anyone can be :D

    the program is really good, i have a lot of fun seeing it, i like it and i'm really pruod of this kind of programs....Nora's the best, i love all about this girl!! she's all perfect anyone can be :D, sice she's gone the program wasn't the same, but it's ok!
  • This show is really great!

    This show is really great! Its not like the other shows, it different, everyting from the challenges to the eliminations.
    The designers are also very good and they are very pasionate about it. Eventhough some of the creations are not my taste, i often like the finished products. Heidi Klum is a good host and she is so beautiful!
    "Auf Wiedersehen!" ;)
  • awesome except for one thing.. SANTINO'S LINE WAS AWESOME! WHAT THE HECK!

    The episode where everyone makes lingerae (sp?) everyone hated santino's lingera (sp?). his was the BEST in my idea. well not the best but AWESOME. why didn't they like it? his argument made me like it even more because he was right that it was not just like eberone elses. aww and that poor guy (daniel) that left the show. he's a pretty nice guy.

    ok thats all i have to say for now.

    ps this is the first show of this ive seen.
  • Fashion designers compete for a shot at their own line.

    Project Runway is a model for what all reality tv should be like. It has a formula but each episode has a different challenge with different resources, goals, and team dynamics. There are numerous very clever twists which keep the show engaging. Also the characters have a lot of tude to give out and this provides a well-developed dramatic element to it.
  • Best Reality on TV

    Project Runway is by far the best reality-based show on TV. The show is focused on the amazing creations that the contestants come up with each week, more than back-stabbing and cat fights. If you want to be blown away by the power of someone's creativity, then this is the show for you.
  • Project Runway is great!

    Project Runway is an addicting show if you are into fashion or even any sort of design. The show has some drama (but isnt overloaded like certain "reality shows) and the characters are very likeable (or not) so you can get hooked with someone.

    Personally, I live for each wednesday when the new episode airs, and Daniel V. is my favorite.
  • I just have to watch it!

    This is one of maybe three programs that I have to watch in any given wekk. I'm addicted. The personalities this season are every bit as good as last season. I'm not a fan of the weird photo snapping cuts and transitions, but the content is great. It is the right blend of behind the scenes drama and competition/elimination. A must watch!
  • At least you need some talent to get on this reality show...

    I caught the second half of the first season and was really impressed. I liked the characters and at least here they need to do something besides bitch and complain. I currently watching the second season, which disappointingly, is not as interesting as the first but it's mildly's getting a little repetitive.
  • The Cut and America's Next Top Model had a beautiful child and it was named Project Runway. (Score reflects a '9' for season 1 and a '6' for season 2)

    Project Runway caught me by surprise. These trade-based reality shows are starting to all look the same and, after having watched The Cut which was a cheap Apprentice knock-off, I wasn't expecting much from Project Runway. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

    Season 1

    The format of Project Runway is just so original. For starters, there are two competitions going on, the major one for designers and a minor one for models. The challenges are interesting instead of repetitive. The contestants, for the most part, are actually talented instead of camera whores. This is really one of the big differences that sets Project Runway apart. The casting people actually seemed to cast for talent over trying to find the next Amarosa. The big surprise is that it actually makes for interesting reality TV.

    Season 2

    The format changed this season - and not for the better. First, the model competition element was totally killed. Basically there is no competition for the models which totally sucks, in my opinion. Second, the casting wasn't nearly as good as season 1. In season 2, they apparently wanted the standard reality-series drama and seemed to cast for that over talent. Any of the top 4 from last season would've beat this bunch of talentless hacks. They even allowed a season 1 contestant, who had been eliminated on week 1, back into the contest. When a person is eliminated in the first cut there's a reason!

    Quick Note

    For the straight guys (of which I am one), I really have to mention that the weekly bevy of incredibly hot models is a definite joy and enhances the eye-candy of the beautiful clothes that are produced every week. I know its on Bravo, but there is definitely something in there for a straight guy who also happens to like clothes.
  • Heidi Klum is back with 16 new contestants of Project Runway, season 2. The second season is a lot more entertaining and dramatic. The new designers are all very unique and talented.

    What I like about this season more is the designers. It's difficult to pick one favorite out of the 16, so I will go with my top 5. Nick Verreos makes number one on my list, because his designing style is elegant and beautiful. Nick also brings a lot to show with his gorgeous looks and fun/sweet personality. Daniel Vosovic makes number two on my list, because he is overall a very talented young designer. His work is simply outstanding. Santino Rice makes number 3 because he is not afraid to take changes. What I love most about Santino is that he is outspoken and honest. His work is wild, yet so beauitful. He also makes the show very enjoyable and fun with his imitation of Tim Gunn. Number four on my list I'd give to Chloe Dao, because she really knows what looks good on women. And finally, Andrae Gonzalo makes number five on my list. Andrae's work on the show is artistic and passionate.

    So, I would recommend to watch this show, because frankly, I'm not a fashion junkie! AND I didn't have to be to enjoy it! It was very interesting to see the designers express themselves through their work. Their personalities and their taste was very much reflected in their designs. So whether you love fashion, or not, Project Runway will be worth your evening time.
  • When it comes to reality TV, it can't be beat.

    I am a reality TV junkie, yes that's right, look away I'm hideous! Project Runway is by far one of the best reality TV shows on, way better than America's Top Model! I was really addicted to season 1 and season 2 is a lot more dramatic and funny. Yes, it is funny. Santino alone could do his own show. He can be annoying, but he had me in tears the other night!

    Now, if you have missed this season, Bravo re-runs all their shows for a marathon day. Look for it you reality TV junkies because it is....too fabulous!!!
  • In or Out?

    I started watching this after my sister told me about a dress designed for Nikki Hilton. Normally I avoid reality TV as a rule since most of it is gross out and pretty much brainless. Project Runway is an entirely different animal. Unlike Fear Factor or Survivor, there are no major gross out moments. Project Runway shows the side of fashion that most people don’t see: how the clothes are made.

    I was skeptical at first. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the first season for more than five minutes. The idea seemed mildly interesting, but it wasn’t something that I really wanted to see. By season two, I still really wasn’t feeling it. Then my sister told me about the Nikki Hilton party dress and whammo! I was hooked. I’ve always loved to sit and watch my mother at work on the sewing machine, but this was something else. These are the people who could be having the next big line at Macy’s. I was captivated by the way they were given a challenge, half and hour to design within the parameters of their challenge, given a budget, an hour to shop and then a day and a half to put it together. Season one winner Jay summed it up as a “reality pressure cooker.”

    What struck me the most was the professional (and sometimes not so professional) quality of the garments. Other times it was the oddity of the challenges. Props to the people who could make a decent garment out of nothing but plants. The colorful personalities of the designers makes things interesting, as friendships are forged there is the underlying knowledge that one’s success is another’s failure.

    I didn’t think that there could be much to the show, but I was really surprised. There is so much to learn about fashion and garment making that the ley person doesn’t always realize. It’s an informative (if not a little overly dramatic) look behind the scenes of the fashion industry and surprisingly fun to watch.

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  • Flamboyant, Fabulous, and Fun!

    I never thought I would sit down to watch a fashion show reality series, but that was before I tuned in to Project Runway. The outrageous creations for the weekly challenges only pale in relation to their even more flamboyant designers. This show never gets dull as the fabulous designers entertain us off the runway as much as they impress us on the runway. This is a unique chance to glimpse inside of the minds of designers as they take us through the creative process, the production, and the finished product. All in all, Project Runway is a runaway hit!
  • I didn't really watch the first season of Project Runway but i pick up on it the start of the second i think it rocks because i love to look at all the fashions the designers have some really good designs but there are some misses but good job desi

    My favorite Designer is Chloe i love her 1920's Hollywood Glamour Look its so chic and i like when Jay paid a visit i think his style was very intersting Im not to thrilled about having to wait for the third season though but i will not miss this finale!
  • I don't do reality shows.

    This show is hilarious and surprisingly addictive. I find myself rooting for certain people involved in the project and even hating others. I always wondered what the appeal was behind reality shows and now I understand (though I am still picky.) These are real people in real situations (though contrived) and how they deal with them is very entertaining. The old adage that reality is stranger than fiction certainly applies here, and to other reality shows. Another source of appeal for Project Runway of course is the aesthetics end. I love seeing the designs take shape, both the good and the bad and seeing how the designers cope with the harsh realities of the runway.

    The final three should have been Chloe, Daniel V., and Nick. Nick was significantly more consistent than Santino. While Santino is exceptionally creative, he would be more successful as an artist than a designer. Out of 11 challenges, he did win 2; however, at least EIGHT out of 11 times, his creations were absolutely dreadful and ridiculous. He can make all the hideous clothes he wants to, but he won't be very successful if nobody wants to wear, let alone pay for, any of it. The colors he chose for his final collection were simply UGLY. They made the models look almost dead. And Heidi was right on target about how they fit, when she said "The boobs were never where they were supposed to be." As a woman, I found Santino's "creations" to be offensive and making a mockery of beautiful women by making them incredibly ugly. A few of the pieces in his final collection had potential from a design standpoint and could actually be wearable, if he only had selected more flattering colors. Daniel V. is a very talented young man. He was fairly consistent with the strength and quality of his pieces. However, when he was off, he was WAY OFF. Why does he keep using wines and burgundies - UGH!?! He is indeed quite talented, he just lacks the experience and wisdom to make better choices. I look forward to watching him develop and mature as a designer. Chloe has the total package. Across the board, she was the strongest, plain and simple. She NEVER made anything that was hideous, whereas, unfortunately, Daniel V. did. If you go back and re-visit ALL of their creations, you will be reminded of their weaknesses. While Chloe may not have won as many challenges as Daniel V., her pieces were consistently strong. Daniel V. had several strong pieces; however, he lacks consistency, as his pieces that were not strong, were very weak. Chloe is absolutely the right choice and I applaud the judges for making the right call.
  • A Good Show

    I don't really dig these kinds of reality shows 'cause I'm not really interested in fashion. When I watched this, it was an ok show, but as I watched it more, I learned to like it. Even as a guy, you can still appreciate the show, even if you're not interested in fashion (like me). It's fun to watch people competing against each other and each episode will make you want to watch the next one already.
  • So addicting! I watched one episode and was hooked!

    Project Runway is on Bravo, which I don't usually watch. However, my mom and sister both were watching it one night, and I decided to switch over during the commercials of my show to see what all the fuss was about. I was fascinated. Although I was a little late (considering it was season two... I have yet to see season one), I quickly caught on to the people and their personalities and the way things were usually done. By the end, I was rooting for Daniel V. to win, and was only slightly dissapointed when Chloe did. Now, I anxiously await a season three.
    Overall show grade: A
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